Our Life in 10 Songs

My hubby likes to torment me and play “Guess that song.”  He seems to know the most random songs and I apparently don’t know any songs!  He laughs mercilessly at me while I guess.  But I have actually stumped him a time or two.  So, during our little game we’ve found some songs that accurately represent our lives.  Some people have “their song,” but we have 10!  Here’s our life in songs:

1) Me – Whitesnake Here I Go Again
This is my theme song when I wake up in the morning……”here I go again, and again, and again.”  And I do it alone, all day every day.  Pretty accurate!

2) Daddy – Tracy Lawrence Till I Was Daddy Too
This one doesn’t really need explanation now does it?  My hubby loves his job as dad and he does it well!

3) Us – Rascal Flatts Some Say
This is our song.  We were married young and people thought we were crazy-maybe they still do.  But we’re still here and we’re still together and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

4) Homeschool Mantra – Fontella Bass Rescue Me
This is my homeschool song.  This song is for the days when I’m feeling a little crazy and when things are out of control-which when you have 5 children ages 7 and under, is pretty much every. single. day.  When I email this song to my hubby it’s his cue to hop on his white stallion and come to my rescue!

5) Family Theme Song – Martina McBride Blessed
This sums up our family life.  I get to spend my days with my best friend and 5 little people who make our house full of noise and laughter.  We are so blessed!

6) Curly – The Temptations My Girl
Curly is our first child and she’ll always be our little girl.  Every time this song plays I just can’t help but think of her.  She loves this song too and can sing every word.  She is her Daddy’s sunshine!

7) Tiger – Kenny Loggins Danger Zone
Tiger is the only boy in a sea of pink and he is one dangerous little dude!  He loves anything sharp and pointy that can double as a weapon.  He also has a need for speed and leaves the rest of us trailing behind in his dust.

8) Bee – George Strait Lovebug
This song just fits Bee-she’s the little imp and pixie child and she’s just too much fun.  She is the caring and compassionate one, she’s just our itty bitty lovebug!

9) Ladybug – The Troggs Wild Thing
Ladybug is the wild child who loves to terrorize her big siblings.  She wears this momma out!  She’s demanding and crazy but we all love her to pieces.  

10) Punkin – Guns and Roses Sweet Child O Mine
Punkin is the sweet and smiling, laid back little one who just enjoys being near one of her siblings.  She is our little love!

So, can you sum up your family life in song? 

It’s back to work for me.  I’m just takin’ care of business.  Every day.  Every way.  Just takin’ care of business and workin’ overtime.  After all, isn’t that just a mom’s life?

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  1. How fun! My son and I were just talking about what songs we might use as ringtones to represent members of our family last night, but we've never done a list like this.

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