Our 10 Favorite Board Books

Ladybug enjoys her books.  Sometimes she enjoys them a little much.  She has munched a corner or two off a few of her board books.  And sometimes she likes to peel the covers off.  And she ruins all the lift-the-flap books.  But, she does love to be read to and even flips through books in her bed by herself.  Here are some of her current favorites: 

1) Ollie the Stomper

What’s not to like about cute goslings wearing boots?  And poor Ollie is left out and wants his own boots!  Ladybug loves how he stomps!

2) My Dad
This has been a favorite of all of my kids.  The little bear brags on his dad and scares off all his little friends.  Then he hears a fearsome noise.  Who’s coming?  Daddy!!!

3) Goodnight Gorilla
The wordless book in which the sneaky little gorilla unlocks the cages of the zoo animals who follow the zookeeper home.  Ladybug loves when the wife discovers the gorilla in her bed!

4) Hippos Go Beserk
We love Sandra Boynton books here!  In this fun book the hippos have a huge party, multiplying in number and then leaving in style.  Ladybug loves to tell them “bye bye” as they leave!

5) What Will We Do with the Boo Hoo Baby? 
Ladybug always sympathizes with the poor little baby who cries.  The animals in the book do everything to try to cheer the baby until finally they are worn out themselves.  Apparently naptime was the remedy.  We love to read this one before naptime and she tells all the animals “night night.”

6) Blue Hat, Green Hat
In this book the animals are getting dressed in brightly colored clothes but the poor turkey just can’t get it right, he has his clothes on all the wrong places.  “Red hat, blue hat, green hat, ooops!!”  Ladybug always bursts into giggles at the poor turkey.  

7) Peek-a Who?
In this rhyming book we play peek-a-boo, peek-a-zoo, peek-a-choo choo with brightly colored pages.  Ladybug’s favorite is “peek-a-you” with the mirrored page!  She’s always surprised when we get to that page even though we’ve read the book hundreds of times.

8) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Ladybug loves the colored animals in this book!  The illustrations are so bright and simple and we love to name off the colors and make the animal noises.

9) Chicky Chicky Chook Chook
This book has lots of fun sound words with cheerful illustrations with bright yellow chicks and bright blue rainclouds with buzzing bees and pecking chickens set against a brown background.  Ladybug loves all the sound words!

10) The Going to Bed Book 
This is our all-time favorite board book for bedtime.  I’ve read it to Curly, Tiger, Bee, and now Ladybug.  It’s been a favorite with everyone.  I have the little book memorized and can recite it in my sleep.  “The sun has set not long ago….”  It details the getting ready for bed rituals of a boat full of animals and ends with the boat rocking them to sleep.  Sweet dreams!

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