Just a typical homeschool day….

What does a homeschool day look like?  Here’s a look into real life homeschool from January 14, 2013.  (I’m a little behind in posting since this post got lost somewhere in my draft folder.  I also forgot to upload all my pictures!)

6:30 am -The morning started WAY too early after being up past 1 am with Punkin.  She had her breakfast and then it was time to wake Curly.  Must stay awake!!!

7:00 am – Curly and I began her school snuggled in our bed together with Punkin looking on.  We did warm up workbooks for vocabulary and grammar and then moved into language arts with more grammar, spelling, and writing.  Science was next followed by some math.  Then Curly read to me.  Bee made a short appearance, mumbling something about wanting a sticker for her sticker chart.  I kindly sent her back to bed.

8:00 am – Tiger and Bee slowly woke up and made their beds.  Tiger had an accident so my first job of the day was to start the laundry which was now 3 loads instead of just 1.  I can never, ever catch up!  And Ladybug was jabbering away in her bed so she was wide awake.  Thankfully, Punkin was ready for her morning snooze so I settled her in the swing while I rounded everyone up.

8:30 am – Downstairs for a breakfast of waffles and juice.  I gave Curly the memory work booklet and she began the poems and verses for Bee and Tiger while I got breakfast on the table.  Love that the girl can read!!  Then I listened to Curly’s memory work and after that everyone began eating.  While I ate I unloaded the dishes and started the loads of laundry.  Five minutes later the entire laundry room and kitchen began to smell sour and musty.  Lovely!  Something was wrong with the washer.  So, I put in a call to hubby to give him a warning about the washer issues.

9:00 am – I sent everyone upstairs to brush teeth while I started getting out the books for Tiger.  I sent Curly and Bee into Ladybug’s room with the lesson plans for Ladybug’s Totschool.  They were to play with balls and teach her the Wheels on the Bus.  I shut the door to the sounds of giggles and the thuds of the soft soccer balls.
Then Tiger and I grabbed bean bags and he choose the order of his subjects.  First we read Amelia Bedelia and then we did his history and science readings.  Next was reading practice and he read a Bob book and 1 story from his reader.  Lastly, we did our math lesson together which he breezed right through.

9:30 am – It was time for Tiger to go help oversee Totschool while Bee came out to do school with me.  His instructions were to dance with her and teach her how to kick the soccer ball.  By the time Bee and I began, the thuds from behind the closed door sounded more like cannon fire but there was no screaming.  I’ll take that.  Bee started with her letters and we learned the lowercase letter “c” and worked on rhyming and saying words slowly to hear all the letter sounds.  Then we worked with shapes during math time.

10:00 am – Now was the tricky part.  Bee and Tiger were in charge of Ladybug while Curly finished up a few school things.  We made it through a little more reading before the screaming erupted.  Bee came flying out of Ladybug’s room because Ladybug was biting her.  Tiger was still busy kicking his ball into the toy chest.  And little Ladybug was running around screaming.  Ladybug ran to me and tried to climb into my lap while I nursed Punkin and tried to finish math with Curly.  That was pleasant…..

10:30 am – Downstairs for music time.  Punkin played on her play mat, Ladybug sat in my lap, Bee played legos, and Tiger built with blocks while Curly had her violin practice.  That’s when the bad attitude hit.   Sigh…..  Curly lost a few stickers from her sticker chart for arguing and Ladybug spent most of the time whining and wanting up, then down, then up, then down, until she finally went to play legos with Bee.

11:00 am -We finally survived the violin practice and I was ready to start a short piano lesson for Bee and Tiger.  But first I had to stop the screaming.  Bee and Tiger were fighting and both of them were also mad at Ladybug who was pouring the rest of her morning orange juice on Punkin on her play mat.
I put Curly in time out for her attitude, broke up the fight, cleaned up the juice and Punkin, and picked up Ladybug.  Then Punkin started wailing so I picked her up too.  We started our piano lesson with Tiger, Bee, and Ladybug all fighting for a spot on the bench.  Tiger complained the entire time so he lost a few stickers.  Bee enthusiastically did her lesson and Ladybug took every opportunity to drown out my voice by banging on the keys.  I would love some ear plugs!

11:30 am – Time for me to make lunch while everyone played in the living room.  I made lunch with a crying Punkin in my arms, making it take twice as long.  I finally gave up and took her upstairs for a nap.  By the time she quieted, the kids were busy in lego town and I was able to go back to making lunch.  I sent Curly upstairs for my water bottle and Tiger upstairs for the iPad.  Curly came down without the water bottle so I reminded her and sent her upstairs again.  And again, Curly forgot and came down empty-handed.  This happened 3 times.  Am I losing my mind or are they??  Finally we all made it to the table to watch Spanish and start lunch.

12:00 pm – The kids were eating and watching their Spanish and I had a chance to put laundry in the dryer and wash the breakfast dishes.

12:30 pm – Book time for Ladybug after cleaning up her sticky, messy, and chocolatey self (they all enjoyed a chocolate cookie for dessert).

1:00 pm – Barely got Ladybug settled in bed before Punkin started fussing for her lunch.  Thankfully I can feed Punkin and read to the bigs.  Once they were done with their chores they came upstairs to some reading time with me.

1:30 pm – Then it was time for Bible!  Bee is always thrilled to have Bible time.  She insists on singing the books of the Bible to me each day.  Curly always reads ahead in her lesson and pays no attention while we do Bible memory work.  Tiger rolls around on the floor and shoots me with his fingers.  Then he throws crayons at me.  And the best part??  The topic for the day is David and Bathsheba!  Yikes!  How to explain that to the little people around here???  Scary!

2:00 pm -It’s time for history and we are beginning our study of the Medieval period.  We read some sections in our encyclopedia about life in Medieval times.  Then Tiger quickly took the book from me and found every section about knights and vikings and any page with swords.  During history time I realized I had lost Bee’s attention and she was now tending to her dolls and stuffed animals.  Time for a new subject!

2:30 pm – So we moved on to art time!  We read about Raphael and then painted a picture in his style.  The kids painted a background and then painted unicorns on their papers.  Curly spent a long time on hers!

3:00 pm -Punkin was starting to wake up and I decided I needed a little break with some silence.  I put on a few computer programs and let the kids work through some lessons before playing on the Sesame Street website.  And then I got to sit down to nurse Punkin.  I kept dozing off during the feeding time, but then I heard Ladybug waking up so I knew I couldn’t nap for long!

3:30 pm -Everyone is up and running wild, waiting for Daddy to come home!  I herd everyone downstairs to the lego drawer and try to keep them busy.  I spend some time picking up in the homeschool room and then bring Punkin downstairs to play. 

4:00 pm – I frantically start working on dinner while Punkin watches from her bouncy seat nearby.  The kids are running circles through the piano room and kitchen, chasing each other with lego swords and spears.  Then they set to work on some puzzles.

4:30 pm – Dinner is in the oven to bake for an hour and we’re all sitting on the steps watching out the windows for Dad.  Bee and Ladybug fight for who can sit in my lap while Tiger and Curly fight over the windows.  Punkin is thankfully taking a short nap when Dad finally walks in the door.

5:00 pm -It’s time to play with Dad who takes everyone upstairs to wrestle.  I start on kitchen clean up, laundry, and more picking up.

5:30 pm – Everyone eats dinner while I feed Punkin.  Then it’s time to pack up and get Curly ready for her violin lesson.  Daddy helps get all our things together and takes everyone else upstairs to play some more.

6:00 pm – Curly and I are out the door for her violin lesson.  A few minutes into our drive, while she is chatting away, I realize I missed the turn off.  I call Prince Charming and ask him if there’s another way I can go.  He gives me new directions and I stay on the highway.  Seconds later I realize I’ve missed my second route.  I call back crying and confess that I cannot remember how to get to the teacher’s house and that I cannot think at all.  He’s dumbfounded as I was just at her house two days prior.  He talks me through a third way to get to her house.  I eventually make it to her house with a few minutes to spare.  Poor Curly was getting worried about me.

6:30 pm – Despite our difficulty in getting to the lesson, the lesson actually goes very well.  Curly is playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and her teacher starts teaching her how to do long bows.  We are making progress!

7:00 pm – I’m so relieved when the lesson is over and I can go home.  We hop in the car and Curly starts chatting away as we drive.  She talks about spelling and math and writing and how much she doesn’t like to do those things.  Then she asks me if she can do any job without being able to spell or do math.  I tell her I have to think about it.  While I think, she throws out jobs and I spend my time explaining how she would need math and spelling skills for all of them.  I mention that she would probably be able to pick up garbage without having spelling and math skills.  She decides she would like to learn how to spell and do math so she can own a bakery.  Maybe that will motivate her….

7:30 pm – By the time we are home, Ladybug is in bed and Bee and Tiger are in jammies and ready to read some books.  We read and then Curly spends some time reading to Bee and Tiger.  And I made it home just in time to feed Punkin.

It was one long day for our first day back.  By 4 pm I had used up all the brain cells I had set aside for that day and I was totally brain dead.  Isn’t it exciting that I get to wake up and do it all over again the next day?  And the next?  And the next?

4 thoughts on “Just a typical homeschool day….

  1. I'm exhausted just reading all that! And I don't think I'd be brave enough to share what a typical day looks like at my house. LOL The 2:00 picture is just precious – love it!

  2. I think that it's very exciting that you get to do this every day. I'd give anything for even just a fraction of the joy you must experience in having five sweet little ones to love. I am sure that some days can be long and some moments can be frustrating, but they are fleeting and will go by so fast. Just remember that you are blessed beyond measure by those precious little ones and that you are doing a great job! Your children will always remember how much time you took with them and the wonderful, creative things you plan for them to do. Keep up the good work, I love to hear what you are working on!

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