February Doldrums

We finally survived February!  Did you know that February is one of the most difficult homeschooling months?  Yes, it is!  I don’t know why the shortest month is the hardest, but I always start to feel really tired of homeschooling sometime in February.  I’ve heard it called the February Doldrums.  What is this phenomena?  At our house the February Doldrums mean:

Terrible attitudes from both teacher and students
A house that’s so messy and cluttered we can’t dig our way out
Feeling blah and apathetic
Being tired………..so very very tired
Spring fever
Bored students
Frustrated teacher
Temper tantrums
Lots of fighting
Sibling rivalry
Less art and music
Doing only what is absolutely necessary
Reaching homeschool burnout
Wondering what I was thinking when I chose curricula
Wondering why I even do this
Wondering why I even have children
Wanting to go hide in bed

It’s not pretty is it?


So, here’s what I did to beat it:

Start a new Bible study!  Time to take the focus off myself and get busy in the Word!  This included lots and lots of prayer!  I didn’t pray for patience.  No.  I’ve learned that if I do that I only get more opportunities to practice patience.  Nope.  I prayed to survive.

Plan a character study.  February is a great month to work on character.  The doldrums bring out the worst in everyone so it’s best to fight back with character studies.

Take some extra field trips.  It’s before spring break, all the regular students are in school, I decided to feel rebellious and take some little field trips before things got crowded.

Take some time off.  It’s ok to take an early “spring break” or to take a few days here and there.  I needed a few days to refocus.

Plan some fun spring activities.  I outlined some trips and unit studies and lapbooks and other ideas for springtime.  We need some variety!

Start planning for next year.  Sometimes when the current year is getting tough, I plan for the next year and daydream about how wonderful it will be.

Order some books.  I needed some retail therapy.  I hit up some bookstores and ordered some literature books for us!  Love when packages start arriving!

Order curriculum.  I even ordered a few extra things to add in-and a few things for next year.  Opening packages is so fun!

I ate a lot of chocolate.  And when I ran out, I turned to chocolate hemp milk or just eating chocolate chips from the bag.  I went through a lot of chocolate in February.  Have to use up the Valentine candy, right?

I’m proud to say that we made it through February.  I’m ready to get started for spring.  I’m ready for warmer days, nicer weather, more outside time, a little more variety, new books, and an exercise routine (got to rid myself of the evidence of my chocolate binge).

So, here’s to March!  I’m so ready for spring!
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  1. Thanks! We're feeling a little more back on track but we'll start wearing down at the end of April. Time for some warm weather park days and field trips!

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