5 Days of Teaching Creatively: Day 3: Get Your Game Face On

We love game night at our house!  Well, we love it until someone loses.  Then there are lots of tears, screaming, and cries of “It’s not fair!!!”  We are still working on that sportsmanship thing.

Here are our current favorite games:

Uno Moo
Here’s a fun color and animal game for the little people.  They love to ram those animals into the barn when it’s there turn and they always excitedly shout, “Uno Moo!” at the end of their turn no matter how many animals they still have in their farmyard.  We really ought to brush up on our Spanish.

Here’s a fun bingo game with pictures rather than numbers or letters.  Tiger always has to have the card that has the “stinky foot” on it.  Bee can barely keep up with the Zingo action.  We love to play, then swap cards, then play again.  Mom is always in charge of the Zingo to promote fairness.  However, I usually forget to play my own card!

Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo
This has to be an all time favorite.  We listen to the walkie talkie and help George at the zoo.  But sometimes the buzzer goes off and the animals get loose.  Then you don your animal mask and go hiding while one person seeks you out.  This has to be the loudest most obnoxious game ever!

We spread our little mats out on the floor and turn on the speaker.  Colors, shapes, and objects are called out along with instructions, “Slither to an animal; jump to a green!”  The kids love the fun instructions and Ladybug loves to run wild jumping from mat to mat.  We’ve had a few collisions with this one.

Guess Who?
The kids are finally big enough to understand how to play Guess Who?  They are loving this one!  They carefully choose their person and concoct the most elaborate questions you can imagine.  “Does you person have a kinda bumpy nose with a big forehead and green eyes with black hair and with a hat?”  They totally miss the point that you should eliminate as many people in one turn as you can.  They go for the “one at a time” elimination approach.  It’s even more fun when they base their questions on their own person-they don’t realize they’ve given themselves away on the first turn!

Dino Bump
Here’s Tiger’s new favorite game.  We have toy dinosaur figures that work their way around the board to get to the dino cave.  Unfortunately, there are all kinds of crazy directions along the way.  Most of them have something to do with moving backward, and then backward, and then backward or bumping someone back to the start.  This is the never ending game!  And mommy always loses!  What is up with that?

Candy Land
We cannot forget their very first game and still a favorite.  We have had more tears over this game than all the others combined.  The girls fight over who gets “Princess Frostine” and tears always result.  It’s ironic that Tiger usually ends up with her card.  

And yes, we do consider game time part of school!  We’ve been known to take entire days off for puzzles and games.  There’s nothing wrong with that!

What do the other Crew members do for game time?

2 thoughts on “5 Days of Teaching Creatively: Day 3: Get Your Game Face On

  1. The "Queen Frostine" card was always fought over by my girls until one of them hid it. We did not find that card until we moved 6 years later.

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