5 Days of Teaching Creatively: Day 2: Cookin’ Something Up

I’m not much of a cook.  I had to learn as I went along.  There were lots of calls to grandma and lots of recipe searching.  I have been known to watch youtube videos for things such as how to cut a leek and how to cook asparagus.  Those videos are my best friend!  My hubby even had to teach me a thing or two.

That will change for my kiddos.  They will be cookin’ up something good before they leave home.  Thankfully, they love working in the kitchen with me.  We have so much fun (and make a gigantic mess) when they are helping me out.  They even have the added benefit of learning to cook allergy friendly food so that we can all eat safely together.  

To see the allergy free recipes we’ve created in our kitchen you can visit Hives in the Kitchen.

What I’ve learned when cooking with kids:

  • Fractions are so very very difficult to explain.  You can find me in my kitchen with my trusty white board and markers drawing diagrams to explain those pesky ratios and fractions.
  • Baking soda and baking powder are not interchangeable.  Impromptu science experiment there!  My brownies exploded!

  • Cooking with kids makes everything take about 3 times as long.  

  • Sugar is a great substitute for sand and my floor resembles a sugar “sand” box when we’re done.  And then when they spill liquid on top, it becomes a sticky bog.  Lovely!
  • You will need exactly one stool per child and there is not enough counter space in the world for them to share. 
  • You need to have about 15 spatulas on hand.  Sharing is never an option.

  • They will double dip and lick their utensils.  Kid prepared food is not fit to be shared!


  • Whisks make for great battles and lots of screaming.  Who    knew they doubled as weapons?

I hope I survive these years and that my kids leave home knowing the difference between baking and broiling.

I am happy to report that the 3 big kids can successfully make Rice Krispie treats on their own with only a little help stirring.

Curly has graduated to No Bake Cookies and can make those almost all by herself.

There’s some progress!

But it’s even more fun when Dad gets in on the job.  Cooking is a family affair here!

I’m planning to start an actual course with them in the fall.  Here are a few of the resources that I’ve found to get me started:

 Kids Cooking Activities

You Can Cook

Cooking With Kids

Follow the Crew’s Kitchen adventures here!

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