Time for a Toddler Bed!

So, Ladybug has discovered how to climb out of her crib.  I learned that late one night as I was taking a shower and she suddenly appeared in the bathroom.  So, it’s time for a toddler bed for her!  Unfortunately, that means that she can get out at will.  Time for baby gates……….too bad she learned to climb over them.  So, we found a new baby gate and sometimes I actually use two of them and we finally have her contained.  But she refuses to sleep in her new bed.  I give up!

Last night in the crib
Trying out the toddler bed
Sleeping by the gate-as close to me as she can get
Here’s what she does first thing when she wakes up!
She brings her toys close to her while she naps-she also has extra diapers-just in case
Fell asleep in her rocking chair while rocking her baby…
Napping in her red chair after reading
Waiting patiently for mom
Looking for her big sisters and brother

Ladybug’s transition to a toddler bed has been the most difficult of all the kids, but we’re slowly making progress.  She still refuses to sleep in the bed and will sleep anywhere but the bed.  Her favorite spot is on a pile of blankies in the middle of her floor.  Oh well……….she’s napping and sleeping at night.  I can’t complain!

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