Sticker Chart and Discipline

With a new year and a new semester it was time for some new discipline strategies.  At our house, we believe in creative discipline.  We try to think outside the box and find things to motivate our kids and we always try to make sure the punishment fits the crime.  There’s no one size fits all discipline.

Our strategy for this semester is one giant sticker chart and an assortment of fun little stickers.  Simple, cheap, and super effective.  My kids will do anything to earn a coveted sticker!

I wrote their names at the beginning of a row and colored in a star partway down the row.  Once they reached that star, they received their first prize-dinosaur figurines for Tiger and princess figurines for the girls.  Our other prizes include, new story CD’s for their iPods, new books, art supplies, sticker books, coloring books, games, puzzles, song CD’s, dates with mom and dad, and small toys.

Completing chores when asked earns them 1 sticker.  They also earn a sticker for successful (and cheerful) completion of school work for that day.  I also randomly hand out stickers for good behavior and great attitudes. 

Of course, stickers can be removed for bad attitudes, whining, complaining, disobedience, or not finishing a task.

I’ve found that all I have to do is mention “sticker” and their attitudes shape up quickly.  They also come to me and ask for more “sticker jobs.”  They’ve done quite a few extra chores already in the past few weeks.

I’m sure I’ll have to revamp our system in a month or two, but for now we’re going with some positive reinforcement and it’s certainly working well!

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