Lost Teeth and a Visit from the Fairy

Curly has lost another tooth.  She was not happy at all!  It took hours to get that tooth to come out and poor Curly was traumatized.  Her tooth bothered her so much that she couldn’t sleep so Prince Charming worked hard to pull that stubborn tooth out.  

 Testing how loose it is

 Glaring at me when I whisper to just pull it out! 
 Drying it off before the big pull
 And she has one less tooth!

 No front teeth!

 And yes, I bribed her with a chocolate cookie to let Daddy pull it…

Since the tooth pulling experience was so traumatic for all of us, the tooth fairy brought Curly a little gift.

Meet “Toothy” her pocket pillow to hold all future lost teeth and any little gift the tooth fairy might bring.

 The tooth fairy had a late night making the tooth pillow

 But it was all very worth it when Curly found her pillow and carried it around for the entire day.  She doesn’t miss her tooth at all!

How I made Toothy:
I used 1 piece of turquoise felt and cut it into 2 squares.
I cut a tooth shape out of 1 piece of white felt.
I embroidered Toothy’s mouth and used French knots for his eyes and then stitched Toothy to one piece of the turquoise felt, making sure to keep the top part of the tooth loose for the pocket.
I then stitched the turquoise felt pieces together and stuffed them, before doing the last couple stitches.
I used white glass beads for around the tooth and turquoise beads around the exterior.  
It was relatively easy even for me (I don’t really have any sewing skills).  
It’s hard to mess up felt though!

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