Back Away from the Oven

My hubby loves to help me in the kitchen.  He is a great cook.  But we have had to lay down a new ground rule.  He is to back away from the oven slowlyDo not touch the oven.  No baking allowed for that man!  Here’s why……….

1My hubby is so creative.  He thinks it’s fun to add extras in as he bakes.  Baking is a science.  You do not just add ingredients to a recipe.  A baking recipe is not to be changed.

2 – He has a strange inability to follow a recipe exactly.  This time it’s not that he adds extra things-it’s that he forgets to add certain important things.  Not good!

 3 – Sometimes a recipe just isn’t working quite right.  That’s when you have to figure out what exactly is going wrong and then try to fix it-add a little more liquid here, a little more flour here.  You have to understand what consistency you’re aiming for.  My hubby can’t tell cookie dough consistency from muffin batter consistencyThe batter is fine as long as his strong arm can stir it-even if it’s the consistency of cement.

4 – When he’s not quite sure what to do, he improvises in the typical male fashion, rather than ask for directionsYou do not improvise while baking.

5 – He likes to taste as he goes.  If he keeps doing that with cookie dough there won’t be any cookies when he’s done. 

6 – Even if I stand over him and he follows the recipe exactly, his baked goods always turn out differently than mine do.  I cannot explain it.

7 – He believes that recipes are mere suggestions.  He doesn’t want to be confined to their cute little box.  Baking recipes are rules.  They are law.  When that recipe card suggest you add 2 teaspoons of baking powder, you absolutely have to obey.

8 – I like to bake.  I enjoy my time baking fun breakfast foods, desserts, and breads.  I’d rather do the baking if he’ll agree to the clean up….

9 – The last time he baked muffins, the kids politely asked to not eat it.  You can’t argue with that!

10 – And I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves…….

His muffins:

My muffins:

I won the bake off.  So now he has to back off from the oven.  
But I promise to never touch the grill! 

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8 thoughts on “Back Away from the Oven

  1. In order for me to defend myself (as her hubby) I must say that the reciepe in the book was wrong. And although it would have turned out wrong anyway, can't say I didn't offer to help.

    I love you so much honey and you are the best baking ever!!!

  2. He likes to help in the kitchen.

    Thanks honey! I'll let you take over cooking duties, just not the baking ones. He does make some amazing onion rings though!

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