Trial Run

When did you start back to school?  Our spring semester began on December 31st.  I chose that day for a couple of reasons:

  • We so needed to get back into a routine after the Christmas holiday!
  • The kids were going to be gone the second week of January to visit grandparents so we needed a jump start on our semester.
  • And Daddy would be home on the following day, so if our first day was a total disaster, I knew he would be there to pick up the pieces on that Tuesday.  Then we could start all over on Wednesday if need be.

Day 1 of school was, overall, a huge success!  The schedule is perfect (for now) and the kids did well.  Punkin took several naps and allowed us to get things done.  Ladybug only screamed at me for half of the day.  She wanted up, she wanted down, she wanted to read, she wanted to play blocks, she wanted to eat, she wanted a drink, and on and on and on.  She reminds me daily that she’s almost 2!  The other half of the day she played happily with whoever was in the room with her.  She spent lots of time dressing the magnetic dolls with Curly and Bee.  She was a happy camper with those!  So, the two little people survived and had a good day. 


What about the big kids?

Curly was a BEAR that morning.  She would not wake up!  It took me 30 minutes to get her out of bed.  Once we got going on our language arts and math she finally woke up.  By breakfast she had done all of her language arts, math, science, and workbook work.  Success!  She spent the rest of her morning playing and overseeing Totschool with Ladybug.  The afternoon was full of lots of reading, Bible, and art time.

I wasn’t quite brave enough to snap her picture….

Tiger was slow to get up that morning as well.  He did great on his memory work.  He’s enjoying his new read aloud for the week.  He even remembered his math concepts and was moving forward in math.  Then we hit reading time where he reads to me.  Yikes!!  I think he has forgotten every word he’s ever sounded out.  The word pig was “pencil,” the word dog was “bug” and the word had was “come.”  We were WAY off!  We’re going to need to spend some time on review and I think we’ll pull out some Bob books for extra practice.

Bee was hanging in there.  She was awake and cheerful!  That was nice!  She ate enough breakfast for 5 people and was ready to play.  She did her letters and her math and kept asking for more.  I guess she’s missed school.  She was very excited to do Bible time and art time.  She sang all the books of the Bible for me.  Then she fixed my hair with clippies and about 12 bows while I read to them.

I made dinner, did a load of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, and cleaned up the homeschool room.  Success!  Now we just need a repeat of our first day for about 90 more days until the spring semester is over.  Hey!  I can be optimistic!

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