Top 10 Reasons Why My Hubby Is Superman

My hubby and I have matching superman tattoos.  Can I even say that on a homeschool blog?  Well, we do and I’m pretty sure his is well-deserved.

Now, my hubby is my superman for many reasons, but here are my Top 10 (for today anyway).

1 – He will take all 5 of our small children to the grocery store to give me a little peace and quiet, and they will return with everything on my list!

2 – He is a great cook and can take over in the kitchen any day.  He even does dishes!

3 – He knows better than to buy me flowers; he comes bearing books when I’ve had a bad day-sometimes more than 1 book.

4 – He sends me random encouraging texts throughout the day between conference calls and meetings. 

5 – He gets down on the floor and wrestles with the kids, builds lego towers, makes an awesome train track, is a champion in Candy Land, can fight fierce Nerf battles, and enjoys having little tea parties.

6 – He is happy to work through a Beth Moore Bible study with me when I need a Bible study partner-he even watches all the video sessions without complaint.

7 – He listens-really listens.  He can often finish my sentences.

8 – He changes diapers and never flinches at the diaper disasters, leaks, and messes.  I’m fairly certain he’s changed as many diapers as I have.

9 – He supports our homeschool venture wholeheartedly, listens to my curricula ramblings, and gives helpful and creative advice.

10 – He loves the Lord with all his heart and his family next. 

So, it’s a rather short list and doesn’t begin to list all the reasons, but it’s a small start.  

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why My Hubby Is Superman

  1. This was a special tribute to your husband, and made me think of they ways my Sweetie cares for me. And how cool that you have matching tattoos! You'll have to share that story sometime… 🙂

  2. Thank you! He was so sweet and even came home and cooked dinner! Win-win!
    And yes, I'm coming out of the closet and admitting our tattoos. 🙂 I hope I don't get kicked out of any homeschool circles.
    I should blog about how we met-maybe for our 10 year anniversary in April! Then I can share our tattoo story…..

  3. Great list! I have often told my husband that I married superman. I truly feel blessed that God blessed me with him. Its neat to think someone else feels the same.

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