Tiny Talk

Kids say the craziest things!  Here are things that have been overheard in our house……..

We drove through a neighborhood that had many Christmas light displays.  The neighborhood association had a contest and the houses had signs in their yard with the name of their award and category.  We passed one house that was an “Honorable Mention” for their creative light display.  Curly became very upset while reading the sign and called up to the front seat, “Why does that house have a horrible mention?”

Curly and Bee put on a magic show for us one evening.  Tiger was their rather unhelpful assistant.  Bee placed her teddy bear in a large storage tub and Curly said she would make teddy disappear!  She slid the tub behind the curtain where Tiger removed the bear.  He slid the tub back out and Curly showed us her trick.  Then she said she would make the bear reappear.  She pushed the tub behind the curtain and all you could hear was Tiger saying, “Do you want me to put the bear back in the tub now?”

I was singing a song to Ladybug and she was staring intently at my face while I sang.  Finally she yelled, “Oh my!!!” and put her finger to her lips to shush me.  Thanks a lot little bug!

The kids were dressed as wizards when they came into the kitchen while I was cooking.  They waved their wands at me and said, “Now we will make you lose your mind!”  I replied, “Too late!  I lost it a long time ago!”  This made logical Curly very upset and she started asking me questions, “When?  Why?  How?”  I didn’t want to tell her that the part of the answer had to do with her and 4 other little people….

We have a sticker chart for good behavior at our house.  The kids will do anything to earn a coveted sticker to get them closer to the star at the end of the row-which means they get a prize.  Well, at dinner Tiger announced that he was going to have a sticker chart for his own kids someday.  He said, “That way I can keep them under control.”  So, he’s figured us out!

The kids were having a discussion about weddings.  Curly decided she wanted a beach wedding and Tiger and Bee quickly agreed that they did too.  Curly said that everyone would need to bring their swimsuits as they would jump in the ocean after her wedding.  Tiger thought that would be fun.  Then he looked over at me and said, “Mom and Dad, I would invite you too.”

Tiger was trying to play football in the homeschool room.  He was throwing his ball all over the room and running in crazy circles.  I sat with Punkin and we just watched him.  As he ran he yelled to us, “Mom, football is not just about running around, you do have to score.” 

The girls were ice skating across the wood floors in their socks and Tiger decided to join in.  He skated wildly through the room and kept almost crashing into them.  I watched him carefully from the kitchen to make sure they didn’t have a collision.  After a few minutes both girls burst into tears and came running to me to tattle, “Tiger is running into us!  He won’t stop!  He’s crashing into us!”  I was shocked because I had been watching them the entire time and knew Tiger hadn’t touched them.  I pointedly asked Curly if Tiger had been truly run into them.  She looked down and said, “Well, he did run into Lisa and Leta.”  What???  I thought Curly and Bee were pretending to be someone else so I asked her again how Tiger had run into Lisa and Leta.  She said, “Those are our imaginary friends Mom, and Tiger keeps crashing into them and knocking them down.”  I told her that he couldn’t possibly help it and that maybe Lisa and Leta should consider moving out of the way.  

And sometimes I even overhear myself saying crazy things that no one should ever need to say!

“Ladybug, please don’t whisk the baby.  She’s not a pot.”

“No please don’t sprinkle the cinnamon on your necklace.  It’s not food.”

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