Spring Curricula Changes

We have survived 1 semester!  It’s time to begin a new calendar year and with that, a new semester.  And to celebrate the end of the semester, I have evaluated our current curricula, made some changes, and started planning (I’m a little behind in the planning category!).

Here’s what’s in store for our spring semester:


I’m making some major changes to language arts.  We took a break from Phonics Road last fall and started using All About Spelling for more practice.  It’s going fairly well (Curly really does not enjoy spelling) and we’re going to continue on into the next level.  I’m also adding Writing with Ease for handwriting and narration practice.  We haven’t done any formal grammar yet, so we’re including First Language Lessons to work on grammar skills.  The last thing we’re adding to language arts is vocabulary.  I found a vocabulary workbook, Vocabulit, that we are going to try.

Curly is moving into some new logic books from both the Critical Thinking Company and Prufrock Press.  We love logic at our house!

We’re almost done with our Apologia Science so that means we need a new science program.  We’re going to try Elemental Science Biology and add in some extra reading.  Curly will enjoy the notebooking and I’m hoping some of the experiments actually get done.

For history we are starting a new year of Tapestry of Grace along with Story of the World.  We’re going to begin Year 2 and do less than half of that year.  We’ll complete the rest of Year 2 next school year.  The slow pace will allow us to spend more time on projects (and adjust to life with a new baby).


Tiger has one big change in his curricula line up.  He finished his math program in just one semester.  So, he’s going to move right in to Right Start Level A.  We’ll move slowly and work through part of the program, finishing it next school year.

We are also going to begin working through Our 24 Family Ways and discussing character.  

So, here’s our spring lineup:


Bible – Bible Study Guide for All Ages Year 2
Language Arts – All About Spelling Level 2
       Writing with Ease
       First Language Lessons
       Daily Language by Evan Moor
       Read and Understand Poetry by Evan Moor
Math – Right Start B
       Math Mammoth 1
       Math Enhancement Programme 1
Science – Elemental Science Biology
History – Tapestry of Grace Year 2 with Story of the World Volume II
Geography – Daily Geography by Evan Moor
Art – Artistic Pursuits Book 2
Music – Violin and Piano
Extras – Typing with Dance Mat Typing
       Spanish with Rosetta Stone
       Logic with Mind Benders Beginning Book 2, Math Analogies 1, Analogies for Beginners


Bible – Bible Study Guide for All Ages Year 2
       Our 24 Family Ways
Language Arts – All About Reading Level 1
       Bob Books
Math – Right Start A
Science – Usborne First Encyclopedia of the Human Body
       Usborne See Inside Your Body
       Assorted Usborne Science Readers
History – Usborne Living Long Ago
Art – Artistic Pursuits Book 2
Music – Piano
Extras – Dr. Dooriddles


Bible – Bible Study Guide for All Ages Year 2
Language Arts – All About Reading Pre-Level
Math – Hands On Thinking Skills from Critical Thinking Company
Art – Artistic Pursuits
Music – Piano

Here’s to a great semester-which I still need to plan!!!

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