Punkin Update

It’s time for a Punkin update now that she is almost 8 weeks old.  What has she been up to?  A lot.  What I mean is, she is UP a lot.  As in, awake, a lot.  She is awake all the time during the day, during the night, every time I lay her down, anytime she is in the swing, all the time she is awakeShe refuses to sleep.  How she can stay awake for hours at a time is beyond me.

Some evenings I spend 5 hours working to get her to go to sleep.  Yes, I said 5.  I have timed our midnight marathons.  I feed her, hold her, rock her, change her, burp her, walk with her, swing her, lay her in her bed, and even drive with her.  It is ridiculous!  Any night that I get her to bed before 1 am is a great night!  We won’t talk about how she thinks 3 AM is a great time to wake up.  Nope, I won’t mention that.  I refuse to think about it!

But, on one of our evenings when I had spent hours trying to put her to bed, she gave me a huge smile.  It was her first smile.  She must have known that I needed it.  Running on a couple hours of sleep is not exactly pleasant.  So, I’m glad I got to see it.  God knew I needed that big gummy grin!

I do think I’ve figured out part of her crankiness though.  I think she has a problem with dairy.  Sometimes late at night I sneak foods with dairy.  Our house is dairy free due to Bee and Curly’s allergy, but I do keep a secret stash….shhhh….Anyway, Punkin has had terrible cradle cap, runny diapers, and has been rashy and scaly.  I’m cutting out all dairy to see if it makes a difference for her.  Does Punkin have an allergy?  We’ll see.  But with our track record with allergies, it wouldn’t surprise me.

She is sleeping longer stretches once I can finally get her to fall asleep, so I know we’re on the right track.  She’s even napped several times.  We’re getting there!  We’ll make it!  I can’t wait until I get more sleep though.  Lack of sleep is not making me the most pleasant person to be around………

I’ve learned some things lately though, thanks to Punkin:
  • I can multitask and make dinner with 1 child in a baby carrier, 2 children on the counter, and 2 children standing on a stool nearby-all of whom are talking or yelling incessantly.  
  • I can carry 2 kids at once.  Thank goodness for hips!
  • My hubby is the master bath giver.  When I give Punkin a bath, I somehow get one too.
  • I can walk on the treadmill with Punkin in a carrier and burn calories while we spend sleepless nights together.  
  • There is virtually no traffic on the road past midnight on weeknights – which is saying a lot in our huge city.  And in these quiet moments, I can hit every single green light on our stretch of highway.  It’s quite an achievement.
  • When the Walgreens near our houses closes and turns off the lights, I can no longer find my house.  I will, instead, drive past it about 10 times, completely missing my turn.
  • If I drive around long enough, I will eventually find my house again. 
  • The drive around in the car until baby falls asleep trick does not work on Punkin.  She is much too smart.  As soon as the car is off, she’s wide awake again.
  • Paper plates are my best friend.
  • It is possible to change 12 dirty diapers per day.
  • There will be times that all 5 children are crying simultaneously.  And during said times, I will lose my ability to multitask.
  • I can be tired enough to sleep through Punkin’s crying-even though she’s in a crib 2 feet from me.  Thanks to my hubby for waking me up in the middle of the night.
  • Yoga pants are my favorite.  Makeup is not that important.  A bun is extremely functional.
  • I’m just glad my kids are super cute.  Some days I think it might be the only thing that saves them.
  • Even though I have no spare time, very little sleep, laundry that multiplies overnight, and one messy house, I would not change a single thing. 
In only 8 weeks, I’ve learned quite a bit.  Here’s to another 8!  I’m scared to know what those weeks will bring! 

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  1. Bless you ,Lexi, hang in there. Lack of sleep us NOT fun! Keep reminding yourself it is just a season, and it will pass. The upside, can't think of anything cuter to look at at odd hours of the night! :). Hugs!

  2. Thank you! It's been getting a little better but those first few months are so hard-especially when you have a tiny crew that keeps you busy during the day. If only all my kids took naps! Then I could take 1 too!

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