Off Week……..

Well, I took this week off because I was just having an “off” week.  We started back to school full time on Monday, Crew review products began arriving this week and new reviews have begun, I’ve been helping my hubby with his dissertation proposal and proofing pages as he types, and we’ve had a really unfun plumbing issue.  So, in order to focus on my priorities-my family (and my house too), I took a break from posting for a few days.  I can’t wait to feel a little more organized.  Maybe next week?  I can dream I guess………….

Here are some reviews (some are Crew reviews, some are not) that are coming soon (and by soon, I mean in the next few months)…..

Apologia Zoology I

Handwriting Without Tears K

Flowering Baby Curriculum

Song School Spanish

Zaner Bloser Handwriting

What Would Our Founding Fathers Think?

Craft Kits in a Bag

Exciting new reviews are coming!!!

In the meantime, I’m going to go help my kids finish their lego pyramid and try not to think of all the mopping that needs to be done in the bathrooms or the fact that contractors are coming this week to rip out half of the ceiling and possibly part of the walls.  I’m going to require lots of chocolate this week!!

And while I was working on this post (which I wanted to go live sometime last week), our internet went down.  So, wow, my week was really off.  I’m not sure this week will be much better either.  I don’t know how other bloggers do it-carving out blogging time and keeping up with everything.  I blog when I can and sometimes that doesn’t seem very often!!

3 thoughts on “Off Week……..

  1. Thanks! It was a strange week and I'm glad it's over and I'm hoping we survive this one!

    We can't wait for some of our reviews. So far this year, we've found more things that fit our style and work for us. It's been exciting to have so many products that I've actually been wanting for our school. I love when things work!

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