Homeschooling and Off Days

When you homeschool you have off days.  Sometimes you have lots of them.  And it’s not just mom who has off days, sometimes those cute little students have off days in a big way.  But what’s really special is when your children conspire against you and decide to all have an off day together-on the very same day.  Tuesday was that day.

My day started off as a little bit of an off day for me.  I overslept, yet still woke up exhausted.
Then I couldn’t wake Curly.
The house was so dark.  I was so sleepy.  She was so whiny.
We plodded through school together.

Curly’s school began with a spelling lesson.

Spell, quit.
Try again!

5 tries later we got it.

Spell, spot.

Where is my white flag????

Math was no better.
What is 9-2?
No, minus.
Minus 2!
I don’t know.
Start with 9 and go down 2.  Take away 2.
This is too hard!
Count down the odd numbers.  9-2=………
Not quite………

In copywork, we forgot all the periods.  In language arts she couldn’t remember to answer in complete sentences.  And in science she couldn’t recall a single fact about cheetahs after reading an entire page about them.  Couldn’t we at least say “they run fast”????  Work with me here!

Next up, Tiger’s turn!

He suddenly lost the ability to sound out any word.

has?  is?
can? in? come?
No, this is not a guessing came.

Even when we sounded the words out together, he forgot letters.
No, L-E-D
This is not a rhyming game!

For math, we struggled through.  Even counting to 10 was a chore.

I will be patient; I will be patient; I will be patient.  Deep breath!

All I could think about was crawling back into bed……..warm covers, dark room, cloudy day.  Too bad I can’t drink coffee.  Tuesday was a coffee-required day if I’ve ever had one.

School time with Bee was no better.

She couldn’t find the words that started with an “s” sound during letter time.
violin?  worm?  goose?
No, try S-U-N and S-L-E-D and S-N-A-I-L

But math time was far more disastrous.
We examined a group of colored blocks and tried to determine which extra block should be added to that group.
One group had all blue blocks.  She insisted the yellow block belonged to that group.
Another group was all square blocks.  She tried to put the rectangle with that group.
And with the yellow group, she selected the blue block.
When we finally finished, she shut her book and said, “Whew!  That was hard!”

Yes, yes it was.  I agree!

Stick a fork in me!  I’m done y’all!  Could our day have been more challenging?  I think my students left their brains sleeping on their pillows.

As we struggled through the morning, I could only think of this video clip.  And then I laughed so hard I cried.  Because it so accurately summed up my day.

Do you get it now? 


Please tell me that tomorrow will be better! 
Or maybe I should look into early retirement…..

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