2013 in One Word

Do you have a word for the upcoming year?  If you were to sum up your expectations, hopes, and aspirations for the coming year, what word would you use?  You can only choose one word, so choose well.

I’ve pondered and prayed about this new year.  I’m so hoping that 2013 will be a year of feeling settled, finding routine, and establishing new family traditions.

Year 2012 was marked by change-moving twice, a new job for my hubby, a surgery for Curly, a new church, new activities, new friends, and a new baby.  2012 seemed to be the year of beginnings, or maybe just of starting over. 

So, I’m hoping 2013 will be nothing like the previous year.  I want to shift my focus.  2012 was a year of survival.  My only focus was on just doing the next thing, getting by, and making it work.  I want this year to be about more than surviving; I want to enjoy the moments, make memories, and find joy in all the little things.

My word for 2013 is delight.

I want to delight in the Lord and my study of His word.  I want to revel in His presence and dig deep in a Bible study.  I want my joy to stem from Christ and not be overwhelmed by my responsibilities and my to-do list.

I want to delight in our marriage.  I want to have more time for each other and plan date nights.  I want to get back to sending little notes to each other, having movie nights, and finding small and simple ways to encourage each other.  In other words, I want to spend time together and delight in building our relationship.

I want to delight in my children.  I don’t want to look at motherhood as just another job and I don’t want to live for naptime and bedtime.  I want to play games, do art, and snuggle with books, finding satisfaction in that togetherness.  I want to simply be present in the moments and find gratification amidst the busyness that comes with 5 littles.

I want to delight in our home.  Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking……..not what I would term delightful tasks.  But I want to work to find contentment in the everyday upkeep of our house.  I want to do those tasks as working for the Lord.  I want to find delight in our home and in the memories that are built there.

I want to delight in our school.  Homeschooling is such a blessing but it can be such a difficult job-and overwhelming as well.  I don’t want to get lost in the planning and implementation that I miss the privilege of what I’m doing.  I want to delight in teaching my children, seeing them learn, comforting them when they fail, and encouraging them to press forward.

I hope that the new year will be a time of focusing on the things that are most important-my relationships and my calling.  I don’t want to view my days as to-do lists, checklists, or obligations.  I want to enjoy each day and take the time to discover the blessings each day brings so that I can find delight in even the most challenging moments.

3 thoughts on “2013 in One Word

  1. I actually started this 2 years ago and LOVE it. That year, we were in the same boat as you are now. The previous year was our year for SURVIVAL. So that year, I chose the word "thrive". Because I wanted to go from merely surviving to thriving! The next year (last year), my word was "intentional". This year, my word is "present". As in, I want to present in my kids' and husband's lives. I want to spend more quality time with each of them and just be in the moment.

  2. I found this post delightful! 😉 Made me think of one of my favorite verses: Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desire of your heart. My word for this year is Priorities.

  3. Those are great words. I had a tough time choosing 1 word. I really wanted to choose "sleep" because that's what I want more than anything. "Chocolate" was the next word I thought of. But I changed my mind 🙂

    And that's one of the verses I thought about too!

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