Spring 2013 Schedule

After reviewing my old schedule and looking over the changes I made, I’ve created a new schedule for spring.  I think I may have fit every subject into that schedule somewhere.  Here’s to hoping the schedule works!!

Spring 2013 Schedule

Here are my goals for spring:
1) Do my own devotions in the morning, even if they are short and sweet
2) Get Curly up before anyone else (except Punkin) and do as much school with her as possible-this eliminates distractions and allows all the kids to have the maximum amount of playtime together later in the day
3) Do all language arts, math, and science in the morning and save the afternoon for art projects, Bible, history, and reading
4) Try to do Curly’s music practice during the day rather than in the evening
5) Start teaching Tiger and Bee on the piano
6) Have consistent chore time for the kids-make beds in the morning, clean off table at lunch, pick up homeschool room after school, and pick up toys in the evening
7) Have consistent computer time for everyone-Reading Eggs for the littles, and Spanish and typing for Curly
8) Have family devotions several times a week in the evening

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  1. We juggle a bit every term. I like that you have built in exercise time for yourself-I need to do that! I couldn't start home ed without breakfast but different schedules suit different people.

  2. I'm hoping that I can exercise more this semester! I'm going to make myself!
    Well, Curly and I often enjoy a muffin or smoothie together while we work. So, we have a little snack time together while schooling. My kids are not morning people and take a while to fully wake up and be ready for breakfast. I don't mind that though!

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