Rear View Mirror

Bye bye 2012!  It’s time for a new year but I’ll take a quick peek in my rear view mirror before I welcome 2013….

The year began with a fun family field trip/vacation to Austin, TX, where we enjoyed an indoor pool, explored a cave, rode in a carriage around the capital, enjoyed the children’s museum, and took the duck tour right into the lake. 

The kids enjoyed a Daddy date to Sesame Street Live.  Bee was thrilled! 

Curly lost her very first tooth (and her second tooth too).  Baby girl is growing up!

We learned something new…….

The kids enjoyed a visit with their grandparents while mom and dad took a trip together.  Dad spent some time at a conference for school and I was able to go to a homeschool convention by myself!

Curly became very sick and was diagnosed with appendicitis.  Surgery followed the next day and we had a long few weeks of recovery.

Curly had her first ballet recital.

We learned that Prince Charming was offered a promotion and that we were moving across the state.

Prince Charming spent 2 weeks in South Korea as part of his PhD program.  That was a long 2 weeks!  We missed him!

We packed our cars to the top and settled in to our corporate apartment with rented furniture and only the items that could fit in our two cars.  Then we hunted for a house!

We had lots of fun exploring our new city and became quite good friends with Shamu.

Bee had a big fall and knocked some teeth loose.  That was a long and painful weekend!

We made an exciting announcement!

House hunting did not turn out well and as a desperate attempt to get out of the corporate apartment, we found a rent house.

We moved and our stuff arrived!

We started a new school year.

We settled into a school routine.

Curly started violin lessons.

We took a family vacation to the beach!
We took a field trip to an aquarium.

We had an important appointment with Bee’s immunologist.

We welcomed our new addition, Punkin.

Curly performed in her violin recital.

 And we celebrated Christmas and the end of another year!

2012 was a year full of changes and I think I’m glad that it’s in the rear view mirror.  We’re ready for 2013!
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