Well, there are over 600 pictures on my phone that have yet to be downloaded.  It’s been weeks since my last post.  I guess I should update, huh?

Those last two posts were done while I hung out at the hospital.  Yes…  And what was I doing in that hospital?  My first hospital stay that week was for monitoring of my blood pressure, lab work, and additional tests.  My second hospital stay was to have a baby.  That was so not my plan!

Meet our December baby who became a November baby-little Punkin arrived in time for Thanksgiving!

So, let me start from the beginning.  Our little girl was due December 5th.  But I had been ready months before December.  This was one rough pregnancy with so many aches and pains; I was just miserable.

At my 36 week appointment with my midwife, my blood pressure was slightly elevated.  I was told to take it easy and call if I felt dizzy or light headed.  That weekend I walked into the kitchen and nearly passed out.  I knew at that moment that my blood pressure was way too high.  The midwife came to the house to do some labwork and evaluate me.  At that point I was feeling a little better.  She sent me to bed until we knew the lab results the next day.

The results came back within normal range but I had another blood pressure spike that Sunday morning.  She decided to send me off to the hospital to be evaluated by her back-up OB.  Many hours and 1 very rude nurse later, I was told that I was not going home.  I had 24 hours of monitoring and labwork to determine what was happening with my blood pressure.  At the hospital I would have extreme highs and lows in my blood pressure-all within the same hour.

I spent a completely sleepless night in the hospital.  Monday morning the detailed labwork results were in and they were not good.  The doctor decided that an induction would be necessary.  He wanted to wait until Wednesday when I would officially be 37 weeks.  I begged him to go home for 1 night to sleep in my own bed before coming back to the hospital.  All I wanted was sleep!!  He finally agreed as long as the midwife would come check on me at home on Tuesday.

My hope of a home birth and a natural labor was gone.  We headed to the hospital at 4 am that Wednesday morning, November 14th.  By 6 am the induction was started and I felt awful!  I made absolutely no progress for hours despite the contractions.  Talk of a c-section were beginning and I was trying to hold them off for as long as possible.  By mid-morning it was apparent that I was having additional complications-not only was my blood pressure too high, I was possibly having a placental abruption with hemorrhaging.  That’s when everyone started panicking.

I’ll spare you the details, but after some scary minutes, our little Punkin was born as the doctor rushed into the room.  The NICU team was standing by to check her oxygen and she did have a brief NICU stay that afternoon.

Despite the complications, I was feeling fine and was able to visit her in the NICU not long after she was born.  The neonatologist ran some tests and checked her oxygen levels and determined that she was doing well enough to be released to our room.

So, our little Thanksgiving Punkin is here!  All 6 lbs and 15 oz of her, which was surprising since she was 3 weeks early!

The kids adore their little sis and she enjoys all their attention.

So, that’s my explanation for my unplanned blog break and my frantic (almost late) review posts. 

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  1. Congratulations!!! She's so beautiful! I'm so glad she's here safe, even if it wasn't the ideal birth.

    This brought back a lot of memories–I too had an unexpected Thanksgiving premature birth once (8 years ago!)

    Kristiana (from WTM)

  2. Oh, I am so behind the power curve and just saw this Lexi! Congratulations!!! She is beautiful. Thankful that all turned out ok and praying you all are continuing to do well!!!

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