Modified Schedule

At the beginning of each semester I type out a schedule with all the kids and all our subjects.  It’s like fitting together a complicated puzzle to find time for each subject, each meal, and of course, play time.  Sometimes my schedule works really well.  Other times it’s a total failure.  And sometimes it just needs some tweaking.

Our fall semester started off with our schedule and quickly turned into a modified version.

Here is the original:

Schedule Fall 2012

Here is what a typical day was actually like at our house:

6:00 AM – Turn off alarm
6:30 AM – Try to get up
7:00 AM – Try to wake Curly without much success
7:30 AM – Insist that Curly get out of bed, do reading, workbooks, language arts and some math
8:00 AM – Start trying to wake Tiger and Bee, start breakfast, continue school with Curly
8:30 AM – Breakfast with memory work
9:00 AM – Start school, put all the kids in one room to play and pull out one child to do school (usually Tiger first), try to block out the screaming and loud laughter
9:30 AM – Switch kids (get Bee) and referee the play time
10:00 AM – Put Tiger and Bee in a different room with different toys so they can supervise Ladybug, work with Curly on math and science
10:30 AM – Survey the mess and start clean up, then play time downstairs
11:00 AM – Make lunch, kids play downstairs
11:30 AM – Lunch while kids watch Spanish, dishes and laundry for me
12:00 PM – Finish lunch and clean up
12:30 PM – Read to Ladybug and then nap for her
1:00 PM – School again-start with Bible
1:30 PM – Art time
2:00 PM – Finish any morning school and read
2:30 PM – Read
3:00 PM – Curly’s violin time
3:30 PM – Play or computer time with Ladybug thrown in
4:00 PM – Try to clean up, wonder what to make for dinner
4:30 PM – Start dinner
5:00 PM – Daddy’s home!  Thank goodness!!!

My schedule forgot to account for pregnancy-I was perpetually behind each day, totally exhausted in the morning, and took more bathroom breaks than can be imagined.  I did as much school and refereeing as I could from my bean bag chair since I could not get up.  Clean up time consisted of me giving the kids directions since I could not bend over to get things off the floor.  A successful day meant that a load of laundry had been started and the dishwasher was run.  If I could see parts of the floor upstairs then the day was amazing.  We did start a new tradition during reading time-rather than do messy art things while I read, the kids would fix my hair and give me spa treatments.  I spent my time reading while the kids put bows and clippies in my hair, combed it out straight, put lotion on me, and brushed me with makeup brushes.  Whatever works!

However, our fall semester was an overall success!  We are ahead in nearly every subject and we had lots of fun.  Now, I’m working on next semester’s schedule.  This new schedule has an added bonus-Punkin!  I don’t have to think about all the pregnancy bathroom breaks, but rather all the nursing time, diaper changes, and how very sleepy I’ll be after being up multiple times each night.  This should be fun!!!!

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