Happy Birthday Curly!

Yes, my two oldest kiddos have birthdays just 1 day apart!  No, that wasn’t planned.  Little Punkin was due the day after Curly’s birthday but she decided to select a different birthday month and she arrived in November. 

Happy Birthday to our other December baby, Curly!  Curly is 7!  She’s just too grown up!

Curly is the big sis, bossy britches, doll lover, dress up girl, drama queen, arts and crafts lover, avid reader, big dreamer, perfectionist, and my best helper.  Curly dreams of beautiful gowns, wedding dresses, flowers, fairies, and princesses.  She might only be 7, but with her huge vocabulary and her precocious and grown-up ways, she seems like a mini-adult.  One day she plans to open a bakery or possibly be an artist.  She is full of ambition and we know that great things are in store for her.  
Happy Birthday Curly girl!

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