Half Magic

I’ve been working on a read aloud booklist for next year (and the following years) and I’ve ordered a few books on my list to preview.  I’m not reading; I’m working.  This is part of my job right?  And that is exactly how I explain it to my hubby when he finds me curled up in our comfy chair. 

How wonderful to have reading on my to do list!  Not only do I get to read to the kids every day, but I also get to read fun literature for myself.

Half Magic: Here’s a fun fairytale about 4 siblings who find a magic coin.  One day they make a wish and the wish comes true-but only half true.  For instance, if they wished to be somewhere, they were only halfway there.  The children were not sure what was causing the strange happenings at first, but finally they discover that the magic coin was granting their wishes, but only granting them in halves.  So, after some thought and math calculations, the children are able to fulfill their wishes until the magic coin’s powers are used up.  After the coin fulfills the last wish, ultimately bringing the family together, the coin is no longer useful or needed and is left on the sidewalk for another person to find. 

The book is a fun and funny twist on the typical fairytale with some suspense and even some math!  There are even sequels!  This one is staying on the list as one both Curly and Tiger will enjoy.

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