Week 10

October 29-November 2

Prince Charming tried to teach Tiger to ride his bike without training wheels per his request.  It didn’t go well.  Tiger can actually ride by himself for short distances, he just doesn’t trust himself so he ends up bailing and jumping off his bike mid-ride, leaving his bike to crash into the curb.  He refuses to steer and often just stops pedaling.  And the entire time he shrieks at the top of his lungs.  If it wasn’t so annoying it would be truly funny!  Curly was the same way when she learned.  I’m pretty sure people several states away could hear her screaming while Daddy ran next to her.  The drama!
Bee can ride happily along with her training wheels though.  She made many loops around Tiger and Curly while they struggled to ride.  Curly did finally learn how to get started on her own.  Thank goodness!  I think she can now ride independently.

 And she’s off…..and needs no help!
 He’ll get it one day….
 The happy spectator-  She yelled “go, go, go!” each time they went by
 Pouty after a crash
 Yes, we bike in jammies……why not?

Curly also had a group violin lesson at the library this week.  She played with students from two other violin studios and they gave a little performance.  She did great!  She was the only child in her group who followed all the instructions and answered all the questions.  She was paying attention!  So, despite our sometimes difficult practice sessions, I do know that she can do it…….

The kids put on a circus and magic show for me this week.  They spent an entire afternoon setting it up and practicing.  Then I got to watch their show!

The kids can now sing through all the books of both the Old and New Testament.  I love their little mispronunciations!
Bee and Tiger are learning the names of the apostles.  Bee gets a little confused with Thaddeus.  She calls him “Fabulous.”  I bet he was fabulous though!  He got to spend time with Jesus!

This week we worked with coins.  Curly learned the value of a dime and we reviewed the value of a penny and nickle.  Then we did word problems to reinforce the values.
Curly is also doing some timed addition drills.  When she does addition she stares into space and her brain goes off into its own little imaginary world.  If I just sat there it would take her a full minute to add 1+1.  We’ve got to get some of those facts into her memory!

The kids decided to open a bank and Curly was the head banker.  No surprise there!  The other kids brought coins to her and she exchanged them for play money dollar bills.  They set up the little chairs as the teller windows and then took turns trading money.  That was hours of entertainment right there!

And Bee is working away with her patterns.  She loves the cubes and we make patterns and then build things with them.  It can be slow going sometimes……….

Curly is working to spell words with blends at the beginning or at the end of the word-words such as “fast,” “hand,” “glad,” and “swim.”  She can spell these words and even sound them out, but they trip her up every time.  She leaves out one of the letters in the blends or even reverses them.  We’re going to keep working on it!

Curly is also reading aloud more frequently to me.  I realized that I do all the reading aloud around here and I think Curly needs to read some stories to us.  She’s enjoying a reader that we reviewed several months ago. 

Tiger has a new vowel sound-the short sound of “u.”  He still confuses it with the sound of “o” but we’re making progress.  Now he can sound out even more words!!!

Bee is almost to the end of the alphabet in learning her capital letters.  She loves to decorate her worksheets after she learns each letter!  She’s still totally obsessed with rhyming words too………..

We finished up Tapestry Year 1 this week!  It was a long time coming with lots of breaks and interruptions.  But I can now say we did it!  We made it to the fall of Rome.  It feels like such a huge accomplishment!

We’re still studying bugs!  This week it was grasshoppers and spiders.  Daddy caught a grasshopper for the kids when they were playing out in the backyard one evening.  He didn’t even know they were our study subject for the week.  The kids kept him for a few days in our butterfly house.  He was fun to watch!  I did insist that they let him go eventually though.

And our ladybug larvae finally arrived.  I feel like my house is overrun with bugs!  Those little creepy crawlies were hard to get into their dome habitat and kept escaping across the kitchen counter.  Chasing them down and scooping them back up was not my idea of fun!

Art this week was all about some Halloween decorations for our family Halloween party.

 Glue spider webs
 Sprinkle with salt
 Very serious artist
 Painting toilet paper rolls
 3-eyed monster
 Curly’s monster
 Working on a tissue paper mosaic pumpkin
 Cardstock pumpkin shape and masking tape stripes for texture
 textured pumpkin
color mixing with fall colors


 Ladybug enjoyed lots of taste testing of the Halloween treats….
 She’s also making it known that she’s hitting the terrible twos.  You make her mad, she’ll hit you and then plop down and cry.  I sense a temper in this one….
But, she loves her siblings no matter how often she is caught hitting them.  They adore her too!  Bee gave Ladybug multiple piano lessons this week.  They had so much fun together!

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