Homeschool Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite holiday for many reasons……..What costume will the kids wear?  How many scary and gross things will we see at all the stores when we’re out?  What candy will we eat since Curly and Bee have food allergies?  Will we go trick or treating?  Yuck……

So, we’ve developed our own Halloween traditions for our family.  Each year we choose some costumes, plan a family Halloween party, order safe candy and then have an evening of fun crafts, treats, games, and family time.

 The kids made candy corns and bats with yellow moons to hang from the ceiling. 
 The kids also made some ghost decorations.
 Here are Curly’s happy ghosts.
 Cotton balls, kleenex, and yarn-little ghosts.
 Happy Halloween morning!  Pumpkin muffins, milk, and goodie bags of candy and treats.
 Tiger enjoyed his muffin!
 Here’s Minnie Mouse!
 Captain Hook-pre hook!
 Cinderella in her wedding dress
 Here’s mini Minnie Mouse
 We made Rice Krispie treats
 The kids decorated theirs with some icing in their icing bags
 and some chocolate chips!
 Ladybug enjoyed the icing….
 We painted pumpkins with glue and covered them in Epsom salts
 Sparkly pumpkins!
 Mummy wrap
 Ladybug liked it at first, then she changed her mind and wanted to break free…
 Hmmm…how to get out?
 Breaking free!
 Tiger captured the girls!
 Glow stick lanterns and the kids hunted for cotton ball ghosts hidden in the dark living room
 Pin the nose on the pumpkin
 Curly was so close!
 The kids had slinkie races down the glow stick lit stairs
 And we ended the night with glow in the dark bowling!

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Halloween

  1. What fun ideas you came up with for a much better Halloween night. How much fun would those slinky races be with those glow sticks! And the mummy wraps. Very fun ideas! I'll remember these for next year.

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