Week 8

October 15-19

Our first week back after our break week!  We jumped right in to school Monday and made some major progress!

This week the kids have been spies all week.  They watch for suspicious things out the windows and they take notes.  They often interrogate me and Prince Charming about strange occurrences that they believe are happening.  We’ve had some nice (and cooler!) weather so we went for several spy walks.  They took notes and watched for suspicious people.  Who needs a nature walk???  Spy walks are much more fun!

Here the kids are in their disguises………

Tiger told me he was undercover!

Curly has officially finished her AWANA book.  Yeah, and we’re what?  Halfway through the first semester?  She’s my motivated perfectionist, that one.  So, now she’s working on her review book.  I have a feeling she may finish that one before Christmas.  I already told her that she could not move into the next book but that she had to save it for next year.  I suggested that she could just enjoy AWANA time and take a break from the overachieving.  We’ll see………..Maybe that means I should give her more memory work at home……….ha!

This week I totally forgot to do any of Tiger’s Bible story readings.  Ooops!!  Now, we are really behind in our Bible story book.  Going to have to catch up in that one.

However, we are moving through Bible Study Guide for All Ages and have caught back up.  The kids learned the chant for all the Apostles.  Even Bee can name each Apostle.  And the kids have learned the books of the Old Testament. 

Curly has had a fun week in math.  We’ve moved through a lot of the review topics and are finally getting to some new material.  We covered patterns and some geometry.  We learned about right angles and right triangles.  And Curly was introduced to the concept of thousands.  She learned that 10 hundreds make a thousand and we demonstrated it with tile cards that show 100 blocks on each card.  It was amazing to see her make the connection as she realized just how big a thousand really is.  We also practiced writing numbers up into the thousands-don’t forget those zeroes!  Curly did really well writing the numbers our and remembering place value.

Tiger is still working on his Math Enhancement Programme lessons.  He’s doing simple addition and subtraction in his head-but don’t tell him that!  He does a great job holding numbers in his head and then finding the difference between the two or finding the sum.  He’s even starting to memorize which combination of numbers equals 10.

We have added in All About Spelling Level 1 (AAS) to Curly’s schedule now that she has finished Phonics Road Level 1.  The first level of AAS is relatively easy for Curly.  However, it’s making her slow down and actually sound things out.  I’m beginning to realize that many of her spelling mistakes are from simply rushing through things and refusing to slow down and hear each letter sound.  She loves working with the letter tiles and writing her words on the whiteboard.  I love how some of the lessons have her segment out each sound from each word.  She needed that practice.  She still complains mightily about spelling but we’re going to keep moving forward.  At some point it will begin to be easier for her.  I think we’ll be done with AAS 1 by the end of this year so we’ll need to move forward to Level 2 for the spring.

Tiger started learning words with the short sound of “o” in the middle of them this week.  Now he knows “a,” “i,” and “o.”  He does well with changing between the sounds.  The letter “y” still trips him up sometimes and so does “w.”  He tends to confuse those two.

Bee is still rhyming away.  That is her absolute favorite activity.  She loves to use the yellow cards from All About Reading and match the rhyming words.  We do this every. single. day. and it does not get old for her.  I’m going to have to find some new rhyming games for her or I’ll lose my mind. 

We are on Week 35 of Tapestry Year 1.  This means that we have only 1 more week before we are done with all of Year 1.  I decided to slow down our pace and try to get back into doing some history narration for our notebook.  After the new year, we’ll dive into Year 2, but until then we’re going to enjoy our last 2 weeks of the Roman Empire.

This week we read Ancient Rome:  Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times (It’s out of print but I found it for a great price!!)  Curly loved this book and all the rhyming information about Rome.  She made several narration pages-she drew pictures from one of the rhymes and then I wrote down her short narrations for her.

And no, we haven’t been doing history projects or even maps.  We’ve scaled down for a while.  I’m hoping next semester we can add a few more things!

Now I’ve got to get busy ordering books for next year and starting my planning!  We’ve got to be a little more consistent with our history readings…..

We are learning more about bugs in our Nancy Larson Science studies.  We are done with the butterflies and we’re moving on to ladybugs!  I was so excited to order our ladybug larvae (even if I’m a little late with the ordering).  I called the company and tried to place our order and was told my coupon code was invalid.  Then I was told to call the company (which I thought I did-turns out it was just an ordering service) and place my order through them.  I called time after time and got nothing but a recorded message that would hang up on me.  It was during business hours so I was confused.  I even tried placing my order online-no luck!  I guess I wasn’t meant to have any ladybug larvae!!!  I did contact the Nancy Larson people and they said they would help me.  Why won’t anyone give me the stupid bugs?????

After that frustration, I decided to take a break and focus more on our Apologia science. 

This week we began our study of flowers and pollination.  We learned about how bees help pollinate flowers.  We discovered that bees can’t see the color red but they can see ultraviolet light.  We also learned how flowers have nectar guides that lead the bee straight to the nectar.  And we learned a little about orchids-those are some strange looking flowers!!!  So, our botany studies felt a little random this week-pollen, bees, orchids, nectar………..Yes, it all fit together in the end, it just felt disjointed somehow.

I should have bought some flowers and let the kids use Q-tips to take pollen samples, but that sounded messy and our allergies are bad enough right now without more pollen…..

Well, it’s been a light week in music and art.  Curly is working on her violin but her practice sessions are not going well.  She is a bear during practice.  I’m going to have to come up with a Plan B for practice times.  So, we had shorter and fewer practices this week because I was not feeling up to arguing with her!

We did an Atelier Art lesson and the kids made a huge mess of the homeschool art table!  I even gave them construction paper and scissors and let them just cut away.  I did lots of vacuuming later that night!

Ladybug has been her usual demanding self.  But my patience is wearing thin with her screaming demands.  While she can say quite a few words, she usually opts not to.  She prefers to scream at you instead.  I decided that this must stop.  So, I have resorted to sign language with her.  If she wants something, she’s going to have to either say it or sign it.  I’m going to have to find the resolve to wait out her fits and force her to use words or signs.  In order to keep the peace (and the quiet!), I’ve given in to her screeches too many times.  Here is a fit in action…………man, they can be ugly!!!

Ladybug did learn 1 sign this week-this is her sign for stinky diaper!!

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