Week 7

October 1-5

Well, it was another interesting week.  Bee, Tiger, and Ladybug were sick for all of the previous week.  So this week they were still recovering with breathing treatments, medicine, and rest.  I let them sleep in and have some down time in the afternoons.  I thought Curly would be spared but she went down hard Monday with a fever and coughing.  Thankfully she must have been so full of Vitamin C that she recovered more quickly than the other kids.  We did lots of reading while kids laid in bean bag chairs or relaxed in the bath.  I’m so tired of the sickness!  Thankfully our Week 8 was planned as a break week so we have time to catch up next week..  Gotta love the few “off weeks” that I schedule throughout the year.  I always need them!!!

Well, Bible got somewhat overlooked this week with the kids sleeping in later than usual.  Since Bible is done first thing, it got pushed back.  Then I forgot about it because our schedule was so off.  It sounds terrible to admit that I forgot Bible!

But we did make it to AWANA this week and the kids said all their verses.  So we did work on those throughout the week.  That counts!

Curly is working on place value and adding tens and hundreds.  She is doing great!  She even made a math test for dad to complete.  She then took his completed test and grade it-she gave him a score of 100.  I was completely surprised!  I don’t ever “grade” her papers and I don’t give grades.  Where did she learn this?

Dad then made a math test for Curly to complete and she worked her way through without any problem.  It’s such a relief that she’s applying math concepts.  They are sticking!

Tiger is blazing through his MEP Reception math.  He can do simple addition in his head.  It’s scary!  It looks like math is really making sense to him right now.  I’m going to have to come up with Plan B for math this year because we are going to run out of material.  I think I might need to order him some cuisenaire rods and use the material on Education Unboxed to enhance his math time.

Curly finished Level 1 of the Phonics Road!  Whew!  We’ll hold off on Level 2 until she’s ready-maybe next fall.  So, this week we started our new program-PAL Reading and Writing.  At the moment it’s a little overwhelming with lots of pieces to use for each lesson.  I haven’t quite found our groove with it.
Tiger and Bee are also using the PAL program and they really enjoy it.  The games have been fun and they love the phonetic farm and adding stickers.  They are using the worksheets and work on those daily.  Curly is using the program at a faster pace and we’ll be adding in All About Spelling next week as she works through it.

Tiger is still using All About Reading and we are really enjoying that as well.  He read 2 more stories out of his reader this week!

Bee worked on compound words.  I would say the two words separately and then she would say them together.  “Sea………………..shell” became “seashell.”  The first day we did this she had a really hard time putting the words together to form the compound word.  By the end of the week she had the concept down.  This will hopefully help her when it comes time to blend sounds together to make words.  Right now, we’re just blending words together.

We finished our history from last week.  It was all about Pompeii!  I had grand ideas of making a volcano with vinegar and baking soda and watching the eruption, but the sickness again derailed our plans.  Maybe one day we’ll get to a project again.   

We had a fun week finishing up our study of anatomy.  We’ve discussed our nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, and learned about bones, muscles, and joints.  Next up we are doing a study of entomology.  We are going to study butterflies and ladybugs.  I was even on top of things and ordered our caterpillars a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, they have already arrived and were in the chrysalis stage when we received them.  This week they emerged as butterflies and we got to release them.  So, our timing was a little off but it was still exciting.

In our other science we learned about flowers.  The botany book had lots of information about carnivorous flowers.  Yuck!  Some of those flowers even digest small frogs.   

We had a light art project week and enjoyed watercolor and watercolor pencils.  I enjoyed having less mess to clean up!  We’ll use our break week to get back into some art projects and maybe some fall crafts.

 Curly has been giving Bee some piano lessons.  I have to say, they are both doing a great job.  Bee really enjoys playing on the piano with Curly!

Ladybug has a new favorite word, “GO!”  If she’s playing with something and you touch it, she’ll yell, “Go, go, go!” at you.  That translates as get away from my stuff!  If you touch her when she’s busy, you’ll hear her new little phrase.  She knows what she wants and you don’t get in her way.  She has no problem bossing her big siblings around.  She is a total mess!

Baby Update
And in case you missed the announcement, Lextin Academy will be adding a new student in around 8 weeks.  How am I feeling?  Utterly miserable!  This little one seems to be directionally challenged and has found herself in every possible position that can make me uncomfortable.  Every inch of me aches, so I’m counting down those weeks.

Weekend Fun
We had a shortened week this week because we had a visit from grandparents.  My parents came to town to see the kids and they stayed at a nearby resort.  The kids stayed with them for much of the weekend and enjoyed the activities offered at the resort.  Some of their favorite things were the rubber duckie races, crafts, nature talks, and animal exhibit.  The kids got to sit through a nature talk and explore with magnifying glasses.  They also got to see a sloth, porcupine, and skink up close with the animal exhibit.  So, it was a fun and educational weekend!

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