Sermon Notes for Kids

Our kids head into “big church” with us each Sunday.  They enjoy the music and because we do praise and worship at home, they can sing along to most of the songs.  When it comes time for the sermon, we pull out spiral notebooks and they draw away.  Curly has just begun to draw things related to the sermon and has even started trying to look up passages in her own Bible.  It hit me that we should make the sermon time more meaningful for our kids with their own sermon note pages.

I typed out a simple page for Curly to write down the Bible passage and any keywords she hears during the sermon.  Then of course, I made a space for her to make her own illustration.  I’m hoping that this will help her focus and get something out of the sermon and then remember sermon details throughout the week.  As she is able to write more, I’ll change the key word section into a place were she can write a few short notes.

Sermon Notes

I made pages for Tiger and Bee as well.  Theirs is simple and has a place for me or Prince Charming to write a few key words for them.  Then they can illustrate the sermon.
Sermon Note1

We’ll see how it works but I’m hoping our discussions on the way home from church will be enhanced through their “note taking.”

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  1. I love what you are doing with your children! I wish more parents invested this kind of time in their kids. Your children are learning to love corporate worship and to see the relevance of church for their lives.

    I also have made note sheets for my kids. My favorite, even for myself, is to illustrate the points of the sermon. Never too old for that!

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