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I haven’t posted a week 8 update because our week 8 was our planned break week.  (So, this week is technically our real week 8.)  When I plan out my schedule for the semester I plan for every 6th or 8th week to be an off week.  During those weeks I plan nothing!  It’s so nice!  Those are the weeks where we catch up on anything that’s behind-whether it be school-related or even things like laundry and cleaning.  Sometimes we do unit studies, read more books, take more field trips, do more arts and crafts, do more cooking, or just spend a few days lounging in jammies and watching some fun educational videos.

I’ve found that these break weeks keep me sane.  They keep me from stressing if we fall a little behind in any subject or if we need to take off time for sickness.  I can always look at my schedule and know that my week is coming when I can get back on track.

And if we are having a week where I need a break now, I just move the break week to that current week and do a little rearranging.  They are available whenever we need them.  

After a week of relaxing and not having our routine, I’m so very ready to get back into our school schedule.  The kids also do great getting back into routine, and while they’ve enjoyed the breaks, I can always tell that they’re ready to get back into our normal days.

October 8-12

Here’s what we were up to on our break week!

We did do some history reading as part of our school.  Our Tapestry studies fell a little behind.

We read this book as part of our history and it was a wonderful overview of the apostles and some of the founders of the Christian church after Christ.  The pictures are wonderful and Curly was enthralled with the story.  She’s read the book to herself 4 times now.  Love it!

Tiger read to me and Curly did a few math pages.  Bee worked on some rhyming word games.  Then we focused the rest of our time on some of our current TOS Crew review products.  Lots of fun ones coming up!

 The kids made some decorations for Halloween.
 We had some DVD’s to watch as part of our reviews.  Bean bag time!
 Ladybug discovered she could climb on top of the table.  Not a skill I want her to have.  I did catch her before she dumped the cereal….
 We went for lots of walks.
 We played lots of games.
 Daddy even put up our schoolhouse tent in our school room.  It became a restaurant for the girls’ dolls.
 We did activities from the preschool busy bags I have.
 We tried lots of new recipes-they were all hits!  These are orange cookies or “hairy fuzzy cookies” as the kids called them.  They were a little unsure of the orange zest on top.  Three cookies later they were ok with it.
 Curly bruised her heel which resulted in a trip to a pediatric orthopedist.  Thankfully there’s no fracture but her foot is very sore.  She’s in the boot for a few weeks to let her foot heal.
 I did discover where all my sticky notes had disappeared to….here I caught the thief red handed-with my pencil too!
 This was Bee’s favorite new recipe-Brownie Cupcakes!  Yummy!
And we tried out a new present from DiDi (my mom) who gave the kids glowing bubble guns.  Those are fun!

3 thoughts on “Review Week

  1. Looks like you all had a fun break! I always feel bad about taking time off of school, but every time we do I am so glad we had the time to regroup and just have some fun. The weeks that follow are proof that the break was needed and beneficial!

  2. Break weeks are always much needed! I've learned the hard way that we have to take some weeks off to have some down time and we always feel so much more motivated to jump back into our school routine afterward. But I have to actually schedule in my break weeks so that I make sure they are there and I feel so much less stressed knowing that they are just a few weeks away.

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