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Time for piano lessons right in our own home!  My kids got to enjoy trying out the online piano program, Kinder Bach. 


What is it?
Kinder Bach is an online music and piano learning program for young children between the ages of 3 and 7.  The program teaches rhythm, music theory, and piano skills incorporating fun characters, coloring pages, songs, workbook pages, games, and hands on activities.

To learn more about the program you can view an informational video on the website and you can also sign up for two free sample weeks of Kinder Bach lessons.


There are 240 online video lessons at 7 different levels.  The lessons are organized weekly, with 4 lessons per week.  Each level has a printable workbook that contains coloring and activity pages as well as song pages to go along with the videos.


Kinder Bach access can be purchased for $19.99 per month or $95.88 for one year.

How did we use the program?
Curly has been learning how to play the piano with me.  I played piano for 12 years so I felt comfortable starting her out with lessons.  However, now that Curly is learning to play, Tiger and Bee feel very left out.  They were wanting their own piano lessons!  Enter Kinder Bach!  Now they can learn piano on their level!

I initially planned to follow the outline of the program, completing one lesson per week.  I quickly realized that my children wanted more Kinder Bach and they wanted a much faster pace.  So, I changed my plan and we began completing one week of lessons per day.  Since there are 4 lessons per week, we would watch all 4 videos and complete the activities in 1 day.  My kids were much happier with that pace for Level 1!  We may find ourselves slowing down as we work through later levels.


We would spend about 30 minutes per day on our Kinder Bach lessons.  We sang songs.  We stood up when the pitch was high and they sat down when the pitch was low (pregnant mommy does not sit on the floor).  We watched videos and learned the stories about the location of the keys.  They colored pages to help them remember finger numbering and the placement of the black keys.  We clapped along to different rhythms and worked to keep a steady beat with the songs (not all of us were successful, by the way).  We played games and banged away on pots and pans to create our own band.

While the first Level of Kinder Bach did not include much actual playing on the piano, my kids were learning valuable skills of rhythm and understanding the basics of music theory.

What didn’t we like?
On a few of the songs, the music is louder than the singing so it was difficult for my kids to hear the words.  Not all videos were this way, but a few sounded unbalanced with the background music drowning out the words.

Not all videos are the same length.  Some are very short-one or two minutes, while others are longer-five or 10 minutes.  This made it difficult to gauge how much time we would be spending on our lessons that day.

When you are working through the program, it does not save your previous progress.  I had to keep a note of where we were in the lessons to make sure I could find our place again.  I wish the program indicated the last lesson you had completed.

What did we like?
The program is multi-sensory.  There are coloring pages, activity pages, game ideas, and instructions to play rhythm instruments along with the videos.  The videos had fun songs and many of them contained motions.  My kids were instantly engaged with the activities, songs, and motions.

Kinder Bach is a very gentle introduction and works well with the preschool aged-child.  The activities were age appropriate and something that all my children (ages 3, 4, and 6) could participate in and complete successfully.  The workbook and coloring pages added an additional element to involve them actively in the learning so they were not just passively watching a program.  Therefore, the material introduced through the program and the added components were well suited for the age range of my kids.

The program teaches more than just how to play the piano.  The program introduces note reading and rhythm and other aspects of music theory.  The location of keys on the piano is taught through stories and games.  Songs are used to help teach children note names and recognize pitch.  Kinder Bach would be a complete music program for a young child.

What did we think overall?
My kids really enjoyed working through the Kinder Bach lessons.  There was such a large variety in the materials and activities, that they were always eager to continue with the lessons and wanted to do more than one lesson per day.

I noticed an improvement in their rhythm as they worked to keep the beat.  They learned musical terms such as piano and forte and began to recognize the notes and keys on the piano.

I thought Kinder Bach was easy to implement and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of music theory introduced at a level my children could understand.

My kids enjoyed all the videos and wanted to watch them multiple times.  They looked forward to our Kinder Bach time each day.  I enjoyed letting someone else teach them and seeing them engaged in the learning. 

Kinder Bach is a keeper at my house!  I’m off to print out more worksheet pages so we can work on Level 2!

Kinder Bach is currently offering a coupon code for 30% off any order.  Enter code: TOS_crew2012
Expires 12/31/2012

A little more….
This program is a great alternative to private piano lessons and you don’t need to leave your home in order to learn piano.  It would work well if the student was learning on a real piano or even a keyboard.  The parent does not need to have any musical background or knowledge of the piano to help a child with the program.  In fact, the parent could learn along with the child!

Kinder Bach also offers an iPad app with its own keyboard.

App Sale!  The app will be on sale this Friday, October 19, 2012 for 50% off.  
Here’s the link to the app store where you can purchase.


Visit their Facebook page for updates and more info!

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Disclaimer:  I received a free six month’s access to this online program in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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