Review Crew: Beloved Books-Sugar Creek Gang Audios


Beloved Books was created to share Christian books and audios with families as a means of providing wholesome entertainment.  It’s a great alternative to the television! 

The company offers audio recordings of works such as the Little Britches series, the Sugar Creek Gang series, and the G.A. Henty series. 


What did it include? 
Go back in time with the Sugar Creek Gang and enjoy adventures with a group of boys who learn lessons, obey their parents, and grow in their faith.  The stories center around mysteries and adventure while promoting values of courage, honesty, and conviction.  In a time when most books center around kids who are disrespectful and disobedient, I can fully appreciate the values contained in the Sugar Creek Gang series.  These are the character traits I want to instill in my children!

We received a copy of the first Volume of the Sugar Creek Gang audio series.   This is an dramatized recording of the first 6 books of the Sugar Creek Gang series.  This set includes the following titles:

The Swamp Robber
The Killer Bear
The Winter Rescue
The Lost Campers
Chicago Adventure
The Secret Hideout

The Volume I CD set which contains 6 full stories on 12 CD’s retails for $54.95.

You can listen to the entire Swamp Robber story for just the cost of shipping if you want to try out the series!

How did we use this product?
When we got our audios, we loaded them on to the kids iPods and they were thrilled with their new bedtime stories.  Every evening I can hear snippets of the Sugar Creek Gang coming from behind their closed doors.  I have to sneak in once they are asleep and turn off their iPods or I’ll hear the Sugar Creek Gang in my sleep!

We also enjoyed listening to our audios in the car.  Once we are settled, we put on our audio stories and every mouth closes.  Even Ladybug listens along to the stories when they play.  My hubby and I have been able to finish an entire conversation while they play in the background.  Sweet silence! 

All of my kids enjoy audio books and they especially enjoy adventure stories so these have become a favorite!

Want some more details?
The books were written by Paul Hutchens, a Baptist minister and author of numerous books.  The Sugar Creek Gang series is told through the voice of 9-year-old Bill Collins who narrates the adventures and mishaps of his little gang of friends-Poetry, Dragonfly, Circus, Big Jim, and Little Jim.  The boys are nicknamed according to their personalities or a specific skill that each has.

In the stories, the boys encounter bears, come face-to-face with a robber, go camping, and spend the night in a cave.  They learn about the power of prayer, discover the importance of forgiveness, and recognize the saving grace and love of Christ.

The books are brought to life by Paul Ramseyer who dramatized the entire series for radio. 


What didn’t we like?
Wholesome audio stories that keep my kids interest?  What’s not to like!?  

However, one of the boys’ father is a drunk, so that sparked some conversations at our house since our kids have not encountered a situation like that before.  The boys deal with the problem in a Scriptural way and pray for the man.  But it was still a difficult and sobering conversation with my own kids about the problems that others sometimes face. 

What did we like?
The kids enjoyed the action and adventure in the stories.  Curly especially enjoyed the mysteries they would solve as she is really into mystery stories right now.

We enjoyed how the stories came alive through the dramatized readings and how the characters came to life with the story telling.

The audios sparked many discussions about times past and the references made in the stories.  We discussed one room school houses and compared and contrasted how times had changed.  Some of the expressions used in the stories were antiquated and were fun to discuss and explain.

But my favorite aspect by far was the Biblical values included throughout the stories.  The boys are respectful and obedient, helpful and honest.  They make mistakes but learn important lessons through those mistakes.  The stories include Bible verses and character training.  I loved that my children were listening to wholesome stories that will instill character and disciple their hearts as they follow each adventure.

What was our overall opinion?
Audio books are the perfect solution in our house.  I get a break from reading aloud and the kids get to hear wonderful stories.  I will also admit, I enjoy their silence as they listen.  So, there’s nothing I don’t love about audio stories!

The Sugar Creek Gang series was a fun listening experience for my kids-especially Tiger who loved the adventure and boyishness that he craves in a house full of girls.  And even the girls enjoyed the mystery and adventure in the stories.

The stories are delightfully old-fashioned and transport the listener back to simpler times while promoting the types of values that are important to me to instill in my children.  Each story incorporates character training and Biblical messages along with the adventure.  So, yes, we’ll continue listening to these as often as my kids ask!

We enjoyed these audio stories and will probably need to add to our collection with the next set soon!

I recommend these stories for kids 5 and older.  While Bee did enjoy listening, I’m not sure she got quite as much out of the stories as did Tiger and Curly.  However, she still enjoyed listening along in the car.  I do think my kids are on the younger end of the audience and will enjoy the stories even more in the next few years.

Some of the themes might be a little difficult to handle for a sensitive child (such as a drunk parent) so parents might want to listen in advance to be prepared for a discussion.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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