Day in the Life: Friday, October 19, 2012

I decided last week that Friday would be a day to record.  Here’s how that day looked………

7 am – I began my day by sleeping in!  Prince Charming had been out of town for most of the week and had returned very, very late the night before.  So, that sleep was much needed!

7:30 am – Curly appeared from her room without even being summoned.  You have to understand that this never happens as I always have to wake the kids.  She cheerfully came into the loft to begin school.  This is going to be a good day!  I grabbed some muffins for us and we started school together while we snacked.

8 am – We had completed spelling, some math, some geography, and science.  We only had minimal arguing about spelling which was a huge victory.  The day before, Curly had a complete meltdown over spelling the word “at.”  That is not a difficult word for her.  She’s just my drama queen!  Then it was time to start on the rest of our math.  We were reviewing the days of the week and months of the year.  I gave Curly some days and months and asked her which day or month came before the one I named.  She had a complete and total breakdown and could not tell me what day came before Tuesday.  She pitched a huge fit!  Time to put math away and try again later.

8:30 am – History reading is done with Curly.  She finished her science narration and gave me four good sentences to write down for her.  Everyone else is awake and ready for breakfast!  Time to head downstairs for breakfast and memory work.

9 am – Breakfast is done.  Dishes are cleared and memory work has been said.  It’s time to head upstairs to rotate school work.  Curly stays downstairs to practice piano.  Tiger takes Ladybug into his room to play with her and Bee gets out her school things.  I do letters and math with Bee.  She rhymes words and works on the letter “P.”  We also do patterns with her blocks.

9:30 am – It’s time to switch and Bee takes Ladybug into Ladybug’s room to play with her.  Curly is done with piano so she joins the little girls.  Tiger comes into the loft to do his school.  We begin with his reading lesson and he sounds out words, works with letter tiles, and practices forming letters.  Then we move on to math.  He is doing well until he keeps having to count objects on his math page.  He continually skips 1 or 2 items during his counting and has to keep starting over.  At that point, he has a massive fit and flops on the floor in despair.  “I can never do this mom!”  I keep encouraging him that yes, he can in fact count to 10.  Eventually he pulls himself together and makes it all the way to 10.  Thank goodness!

10 am – Tiger is done with school so he trades with Curly.  He plays with Bee and Ladybug.  I check on their progress and they have all the foam blocks and shapes out, as well as the play tunnel.  Ladybug is inside the tunnel surrounded by blankets and animals while Bee is building with play fort sticks and balls.  She’s making huge shapes that she spreads out around the room.
Curly and I do some of her reading and then we tackle the math lesson again.  This time we make it through with less screaming.  Whew!  She learned about place value and the thousands place.

10:30 am – Time for an educational DVD that we’re reviewing.  We all head to Tiger’s room to spread out on the floor.  Ladybug sits up on the bed with me and plays with Tiger’s play drills.  The noise makes me totally crazy.  She keeps trying to drill my hair.

11 am – We all head downstairs so I can make lunch.  The kids play with legos and the train set while I cook.  Ladybug takes out all the pots and pans and spreads them throughout the living room.  I give her spatulas and a whisk and she sits and mixes.  Soon all the kids join her after raiding the drawers for the rest of my whisks.  All I can hear is the sound of metal whisks on metal pots.  I wonder if being deaf would be a blessing….

11:30 am – Lunch is ready and on the table.  We had leftover potato chowder and some pear slices.  Ladybug chewed her pear slices to mush and then spit them all on the floor.  (I found this out later as I stepped on the pile of sticky mush under her high chair.)  The kids turn on Salsa Spanish and then Speekee and they watch as they eat.  Bee sings along to Speekee with her mouth full of soup “Donde vamos, donde vamos….”  Tiger and Curly argue about which Salsa episode to watch.  I have to mediate.  I do the dishes and then take a break to sit on the couch with my own lunch.  In my pregnant clumsiness, I had slipped on a wet spot on the kitchen floor while making lunch.  Thankfully I half caught myself, but my knees and hips were aching from the fall.  Time for a short break for me!

12:15 pm – Ladybug is done and ready to head upstairs to get ready for naptime.  We read and rock and then she frantically points to her shelf, screaming.  That means, “Turn on my music.”  I patiently say “music” about a million times and show her the sign for please.  She signs “please” back to me, so I turn on her music.  She grabs her blankie and flops down on her bed.  I turn out the light.

12:45 pm – I check on the kids downstairs.  They are back to their lego building.  I have them clear the table and put back their pots.

1 pm – I sit on the couch and read to the kids.  They play with legos and blocks while I read.  I only had to referee 3 arguments during my reading.  They did interrupt me about a million times to show me block creations, ask questions about a word, or to tattle on each other.  And reading over lego building noises is quite a challenge.  I quiz Tiger after his chapter and he answers every question correctly.  Yes, he really was listening as I read Winnie the Pooh. 

1:30 pm – We watch some of our Kinder Bach before we head upstairs for Bible time.  The kids argue over who is sitting closest to the iPad.  Then they keep sitting on each other on the couch.  Bee keeps screaming, “They are squishing me!!!”  Of course, no one is actually touching her at this point.  Love the preschool logic and drama fits.

2 pm – We sit on the floor in the loft and get our Bible lesson out.  We sing the books of the Bible and then start in on our Bible story.  It’s about Jacob marrying Leah and Rachel.  Oh great.  I get to explain the multiple wives thing.  Then the marrying your wife’s servant thing.  That story provoked a lot of questions that I did not want to answer.

2:30 pm – We finish a few assignments.  Curly does some history narration.  Then we have art time.  We gather around the art table and put in our Atelier art DVD.  We follow the instructions and the kids create animals with different textured paper, foam pieces, cotton balls, and yarn.  They only fought over glue bottles twice….

3 pm – We are done with school and the kids are ready to play.  They grab a few things from the play tent and head to Tiger’s room.  Then they shut the door, saying that they are building an airplane and going on a long trip.  Sounds great to me!  I clean up the loft area and head to our room to do some picking up.  Prince Charming calls to tell me that his office is closing early and he’s headed to the health food store to pick up some groceries for us and then he’ll check the mail and come home!

3:30 pm – The kids are still busily playing and I get a little lesson planning done.  Time to prep for next week.

3:45 pm – Daddy is home and the kids yell from the loft as he comes in the door.  They haven’t seen him since Tuesday morning when he headed out of state.  He comes upstairs and is tackled at the top.  He has play time with the kids while I get Ladybug.  Ladybug is thrilled to see him.  They all follow him around the house for the rest of the night.

4:00 pm – While Daddy has the kids entertained, I work on dishes and dinner.  I even have a chance to pop a chocolate cake in the oven as a surprise.

5:30 pm – Dinner is on the table and the kids eat 2 bowls of pasta each.  How people that little can eat that much is beyond me!  Then they sample the chocolate cake.

Our evening consists of errands and then bath time.  At the end of the day, Curly leads a Bible study she wrote about the first chapter of Isaiah and the kids put on a puppet show for us.  Then it’s bed time.  That’s when I survey the damage of the day.  Then I spent the rest of my night tackling this….

2 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Friday, October 19, 2012

  1. I loved reading this. So real! And very encouraging. You mean I am not the only one who has a child that pitches a fit during math at least 3 times, and I lose count of the number of times in a day that I am a referee? Thanks for a teeny glimpse into your life. Blessings!

  2. Thank you! We do have lots of fits around here and lots of drama. Some days I feel like all I do is break up fighting and try to redirect them and model how to correctly ask for something. It can be crazy!
    It's worth it but some days are more difficult than others…………Homeschooling is not easy!

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