Blog Break

I’m taking a blog break today.  I’m hoping to catch a nap, catch up on laundry, do some cooking, and try to vacuum.  The nap is first priority though.

Baby #5 is wearing me out!

Only 7 more weeks to go…..

And goodness!  The time is moving so slowly!  Why does it take so very long???

It makes me feel like this!

And when I count down the days and hours as I battle heartburn and aches and pains, I feel more like this!

0 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Thanks! I've actually had a nice little break for a couple days and I'm even caught up on my Crew reviews. I've spent some time cleaning and relaxing. I'm trying to get back into my posting schedule though. And the baby doesn't let me sleep very often. She's always awake when I'm trying to sleep.

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