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We’ve come full circle this year.  Last year we tried the Math Enhancement Programme and it was a failure.

But I’ve learned why it failed for us.  Curly wasn’t quite ready for the topics and the way they were introduced.  She needed to have a better foundation in some basic math principles before she was challenged by the out-of-the-box type of thinking as presented in MEP.

I was the other reason the program failed.  I just didn’t quite understand where the lessons were going or how to manipulate the numbers.  I like to stay in my little math box and the MEP program tried to push me out of my box and challenge how I looked at math.  Some problems even have more than one correct answer.  That was killing me!

But we’ve come back to MEP this year and it’s going really, really well.  In fact, I’m enjoying the program as much as Curly.  I think I just needed some time to understand how it approached math and Curly needed a better foundation in math concepts before beginning.  She’s not exactly a mathy child so MEP has proved challenging for her at times.  But it’s forcing her to problem-solve and think through the concepts.  We’ve made so much progress!

I always keep the answer key close at hand because sometimes I have no idea where a question is going.  I need the extra help!  I’ve also learned that sometimes British English does not translate well here in Texas.  One question had me stumped, so I even sent it to my hubby.  He disagreed with the answers and insisted the problem was worded incorrectly.  I even asked multiple friends.  They all agreed-the wording was not right.  So, I took the liberty of rewording the question so that Curly and I could both understand what on earth we were doing.  We made it through that question finally.

Curly has been introduced to addition and subtraction and even negative numbers.  There are some creative problem-solving type questions and even simple algebraic equations that she has to sort out.  Her ability to reason through a math problem has improved dramatically and she is not afraid to try a problem many times and multiple ways in order to solve it.  I may have a hard time breaking out of my math box, but I’m at least forcing Curly out of hers!  Maybe she’ll have an easier time than I do.  


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