Week 5

September 17-21

This week was a short week because we had a beach vacation planned from Thursday to Sunday.  You can’t bet a beach side condo with an ocean view! 

We had a wonderful time at the beach with lots of swimming, sand castle building, wave jumping, and reading.  Oh to go back there………..

 We even took a trip to the aquarium…an educational field trip!

Not much to say about Bible other than-I’m behind!  I will catch up.  I will catch up.  That’s what I keep telling myself.  It will be fine………
The exciting thing is that Bee can recite the first five books of the Old Testament and Tiger can make it to Nehemiah!  Progress!

Bee is still the math drama queen, Tiger is flying through his math, and Curly is ahead in hers as well.  I might run out of math before the end of the year!  Tiger might need a math supplement or maybe he’s ready to move into Right Start A.  I’m going to have to start planning ahead……..

Language Arts
Curly is still struggling with her spelling.  She’s not applying any of her spelling rules.  Now I’m just waited on a new product to arrive in the mail.  I think we need to take a break and try something new for a while!
However, compared to last week we have actually made a little progress.  She just needs more practice-hence the new program….

Tiger read two stories out of his reader this week!  All by himself!  He was so proud and he did such a good job sounding out the words.  He even read them to Dad!

I took a break from history projects this week and that felt great!  I didn’t have to make anything, cut anything out, glue anything, or make a huge mess.  Curly illustrated a few things from our history readings and then I helped her narrate the main ideas.  Sweet and simple!  We’re still learning about Rome and have been studying Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, and Cleopatra.  We’re also learning about life in a Roman city.  I think I’ll be ready for the Fall of Rome soon…….I’m ready for new topics.  Bring on the Middle Ages in a few weeks!!!

 Meet Cleopatra

Science is still just science………..but we’re going to finish up early I think.  I’m looking into Elemental Science Biology for spring.  I need a break from Apologia science and the massive amounts of information.  Brain overload!

We tried a Download N Go Unit Study on Seashells from Amanda Bennett Unit Studies.  I’m not sure I like it.  I spent all my time skimming the listed websites to find answers and then paraphrasing everything I read.  I just want the info there in front of me in a format my kids can understand.  They were NOT interested in hearing me read the entire website to them.  Some of them were way over their heads!  And I hadn’t planned to do any of the projects because we would be at the beach.  I also wanted to skip all the extra library books but I think if I were ever to do another unit study, we would go with the book suggestions and skip some of the websites.  There were questions that I couldn’t answer after reading the linked sites.  I hate those blank spaces!

Curly’s violin made the trip to the beach for some practice sessions.  And we squeezed in a little bit of art before we left.

 We painted with glue paint (part glue, part paint) on aluminum foil wrapped cardboard canvases.
 They turned out so awesome and shiny!

Ladybug has a new little box that is filled with toys of different textures.  Her favorite thing is to pull out the items and then stuff them back in.  I love her look of surprise every time she pulls out something new.  No matter how many times she does it, it never seems to get old to her.

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  1. I totally agree with you on the Amanda Bennett unit studies, we tried the Olympic one. Too much going to various websites that my kids weren't all that interested in. We ditched it after a couple of days (it was a 4wk study!). Maybe when they are older!

  2. Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I thought maybe I was just not doing something right but those things just do not work for us. The websites are not interesting and have WAY too much info for me to weed through on the fly and pull out the important stuff. I'd rather have a one page typed summary to read and then some outside reading sources to check out. Some of the videos are ok though. But I'm just not that impressed with them and could never use them frequently. I think I am just not a unit study person.

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