Week 4

September 9-15
This week, Bee wanted to try a little something different.  She asked for a “show and tell” and brought along her favorite furry friend.

Of course, Curly and Tiger had to get in on the action as well.  I think it was all Curly’s idea anyway-she just put Bee up to it.

And the kids have been refusing to answer to their names this week.  They have renamed themselves after Greek gods and goddesses.  Curly is Athena (of course) and Bee has been Aphrodite.  Tiger is Poseidon and they refer to me as Hera and Daddy as Zeus.  They founded a school for themselves and they all attend boarding school in our loft.

So, I’ve decided I don’t like Curly’s Bible study from the Bible Bee.  Now I have to stop feeling guilty over not using it anymore.  I need to blog the reasons for my dislike.  But for now I’m just enjoying it less and less.

Bee has decided to be extremely difficult during math time.  I pull out the pattern blocks and start making shapes and she immediately collapses onto the floor saying, “I just can’t do it!!!”  She learned the drama from Curly.  And then in her little way, she stubbornly crosses her arms and pouts.  Building with the little pattern blocks is just so tough I guess!  She used to be so motivated during math time.  What happened??

I have been able to bribe Bee with file folder games.  Thank goodness I’ve made a bunch!

Curly is flying through her math lessons right now.  We’ve just gotten into the lessons in Right Start B where we add in some math games.  She’s had fun playing those this week.  Her math facts are still in there and she’s applying them.  It’s so wonderful when things are working!

Language Arts
Ok, so spelling is still not going that well for Curly.  She has a fit anytime I say the word “spelling” and she immediately starts saying how she can’t do it.  (And I wonder where Bee picked it up???)  I’m waiting and hoping to try a new product as part of a Crew review to see if I can see any attitude changes.  I’m still moving forward with spelling and keeping our lessons about 10 minutes per day.  Surely short lessons will help!

Tiger still loves his letter tiles and when I call out letter sounds he pretends to “shoot” the correct answer with his gun (made of Bee’s math blocks).  This causes Bee to complain that he’s using her blocks.  However, when I ask her to use them, she refuses.  Three-year-olds have no logic!

Tiger is doing well with handwriting.  We’re starting out on the white board and slowly transitioning to lined paper. 

So, I’ve been wondering why I put so much effort into history projects.  It seems like I’m the one doing all the work and I can’t tell if the kids really get that much out of them or if they retain more information because of the project.  Worth it?  Or more work for me?  I can’t decide.  I plan to scale back on history projects for a few weeks and focus more on notebooking what we learn-Curly draws a picture and narrates to me while I write it down (or sometimes I dictate it to her to write down).  We did make a fun project this week (or should I say “I made a project this week”).

 We made laurel wreaths like the Romans. 
 The girls wanted flower wreaths….

I’m absolutely brain dead after reading about seeds in the Apologia book.  It is so information overload sometimes.  I wonder if I really like it as much as I want to like it.  It just seems so overwhelming at times.  I love the detail and the pictures but sometimes I want simplified science.

 We planted some bean seeds and placed them in different locations to track how well they grew.
Curly also made up a song and dance about botany and seeds.  She taught the other kids and they danced around singing their “seed song.”
We also dissected bean seeds to see the various parts.

Our Nancy Larson science is going well.  We’re studying anatomy and have been talking about bones and joints.  I’m amazed at the simplicity of the information and the retention that Curly has.  It’s just working for us.

This was the first week for Curly’s violin lessons.  I really enjoy her new teacher and the Montessori teaching methods she uses.  She is a Suzuki violin teacher and she makes things so fun.  She’s always so patient.  Maybe she should teach spelling to Curly.
Curly also had her first violin group lesson on Saturday.  She did very well once she finally warmed up and decided to speak up and participate.  They played games, listened to music, and worked on rhythms. 

And of course, we did some art projects this week!

 We made a glue outline and let it dry.
 Then we chalked around the lines to create a design
 The kids enjoyed staying inside their bumpy glue lines
 We practiced mixing paint colors.
 Then we painted a picture like Picasso of a bouquet of flowers being given to another person.
 I used spackle to make wall panels for painting.
 The kids painted frescoes on their wall panels when they were dry.

Ladybug had fun with bean bags this week.  She especially loved throwing them in her hamper!

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