Week 3

September 3-7
We have made it to our 3rd week!  We still follow our schedule and school is still getting done.  I think I’m still shocked about that.

Our week started off with a holiday.  That’s a great way to throw us off!  We had some fun Daddy time in the morning and then did some reading in the afternoon while Ladybug napped.  But I made sure we had some planned activities.  It’s no good when we don’t have a plan!

Bee’s Bible lessons are finally here!  She is thrilled to do her own lessons.  Only, we’ve been having one big problem.  She will. not. wake. up.  She does not want to get out of bed.  Sometimes I’ll see her up in the morning only to have found that she goes right back to bed.  Wow!  She is not a morning person!

But Tiger has learned the first 5 books of the Old Testament.  I love hearing him say “DEUT  UR  ON  OOOO  MEEEEEEE!”

And AWANA started this week.  My kids love AWANA nights and working on their verses.  Curly is in her second year of Sparks, Tiger is in his second year of Cubbies, and Bee is a first year Cubbie.  And Prince Charming and I are Cubbie teachers and I’m apparently the co-director of Cubbies.  I’ve learned that sometimes people want programs but no one wants to do any of the work.  So, if we wanted Bee to have a great Cubbie year (and we wanted to control the allergy-free snacks) then we would have to take over!  My other co-director is another homeschool mom.  We’re just taking over AWANA!

Curly enjoys doing her Math Enhancement Programme math for the most part.  However, I do have one embarrassing thing to admit.  I looked at one of her problems this week and could not figure it out!  I checked the answers and did not understand how they could come up with their equations!  Mind you, this is first grade math!  I panicked and sent a picture of the problem to my hubby.  He insisted that the wording was weird.  I asked a friend and she said the same thing.  We all concluded that because it was a British-based program they just talk funny over there and the word problem didn’t translate well for those of us across the pond.  So, I reworded the problem and we got it figured out.  I never thought I would be unable to do first grade math.  That was humbling…..

I was convinced the equation for A should read 2 + 1 = 3
Now if the question had read “How many more degrees is 2 than 1,” well, that’s a different story.  
Could they have not made it simple???

Tiger has been working on learning vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines.  I’ve been having Curly listen in too because I’m pretty sure we never covered that.  Heck, I still get confused with vertical and horizontal.  I have to think about it for a second before I answer.  At least Tiger is getting left and right down.  But he does have a weird problem remembering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Every morning, without fail, he asks me what’s for dinner.  Um, it’s breakfast!  At lunchtime, he asks me what’s for breakfast.  Then at dinner he asks me about lunch.  I don’t know what is going on inside his head but he’s got to get his meals straightened out.  If I was creative I’d make him a mealtime file folder game.  But, alas, I do not have that kind of time (or computer savvy).  So, instead I’ll just hope I can find something on another blog to help us learn mealtimes. 

Language Arts
This week I remembered that Curly should probably be reading aloud to me to practice her reading skills.  Forgot about reading there for a few weeks!  So, we started reading through some readers.  I have concluded that the little leveled readers are a total joke.  Some have ridiculously easy sentences and others have words like aeronaut-because that’s a good word for a beginning reader.  I did get a good laugh when Curly breezed right through that word, pronouncing it correctly, and then reading on.  Take that you dumb leveled reader!  Now, I’m off on a hunt to find some phonics based readers that don’t have ridiculous words in them.  I want her to practice sounding it out…………So yay!  I might have an excuse to buy something else! 

Tiger is working on Dr. Doriddles along with his All About Reading.   He’s doing such a great job figuring out the clues.  Curly is the one who reads the clues to him and prompts him when he gets stuck.  It’s her little teaching job that she does each week.  He’s still working on his reading and loves to play with his letter tiles.  We have a new game.  I put out the letters we’re working on in random order.  I yell out a letter sound and we see who can walk their fingers to the correct letter first.  He calls it the walking game and finds it utterly hilarious.  I’m not sure why it’s so funny but he insists on doing it every single day.  He really loves when I go to the wrong letter and he can correct me.

Here’s Bee diligently playing her matching game-she’s hunting for words that rhyme!

We got a little behind in our history projects so we’ve had to have dad help us out on weekends.  It’s hard to do anything remotely messy with a toddler tagging along.  But we did learn about the Punic Wars.  Tiger makes a great Hannibal riding through the school room on his huge stuffed elephant.  That’s history come alive!

 Here’s our Roman Standard, ready to ride ahead of us into battle.

And our plants have sprouted!  All except Bee’s!  Apparently she must have dropped most of her seeds onto the ground rather than in her pot.  She we made a frantic trip to the store to find her some more seeds.  Now she’s growing chives.  And yes, we made sure some seeds actually went into the pot.

We’re continuing to work through our Nancy Larson science.  I need to blog about that program.  I think I have a love/hate relationship with it.  But we’re learning about mammals and carnivores and herbivores and omnivores and habitats.  It’s been interesting and fun and it’s very simple.  It gets done!

The piano was tuned this week so we got to enjoy watching the tuner.  Then we got to listen to his awesome playing as he tried everything out.  He played Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, Joplin, and scores from Sound of Music and My Fair Lady.  It was wonderful listening to him play as we did math and spelling.  I would like to hire him to come play for me once a week.  If only…..

 All tuned and ready to go!

I’m finally getting into our study of the orchestra and of composers from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We are learning about musical time periods and listening to music from each one.  Curly has chosen the Classical Period as her favorite with Beethoven being her favorite composer.  I’m still a Romantic Period fan with my Chopin and Debussy.  Tiger likes the Modern Period-shocking!  We listened to some fun Copland pieces with lots of drums.  I don’t think Bee cares at all….

 Watery glue paint + tissue paper + wax paper = stained glass!

 Paper and yarn collage!
 Ripping the paper was so fun!

 And much glue was used….

 We made some shiny foil plates!
 Draw on some cling wrap with permanent marker.
 Cover a plate with aluminum foil and fold the colored cling wrap over the top.  
They look so pretty in our windows!

I also decided that we needed to do Expedition Earth so we have been learning about longitude, latitude, and the equator.  We printed out our passports and entered China this week.  We’re keeping it very simple and just enjoying a few library books about the country, some YouTube travel videos, and doing a few of the pages from Expedition Earth.  I don’t think we’ll make it to any of the projects though.  But the kids don’t seem to mind as they enjoy learning about the different countries.

We’re also working on another Crew Review for Zoo Whiz, an online learning program.  It would be fun if I wasn’t having problems with my Adobe Flash player.  It crashes about 10 times a day.  That’s a job for Prince Charming to fix!

Ladybug has discovered her chunky wooden puzzles.  She pulls out the pieces and hands them to me.  Then she expects me to put them back.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  I did finally convince her to put the pieces back herself.
And she has a new word.  Drumroll please!  Ladybug now says “Uhhh kay” anytime you ask her a question.  Nothing is ever yes or no it’s all just okay.  Works for me!

The demanding little princess!  She’s had good teachers!

So, I guess I can say that our Week 3 has been better.  Curly’s attitude is improving, Bee’s whining is slightly better, Ladybug has found some activities to keep her busy, and Tiger is just content most of the time.  It was a week with nothing amazing or extraordinary but we made lots of progress.  I can handle weeks like that!

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