Book Review: The Homeschool Experiment

I haven’t read a book for myself in months.  I have been determined to at least read something this fall that is just for myself.  And I did it!  I finished a book!

I read the Homeschool Experiment by Charity Hawkins.  The book is a fictionalized account of the events in one year of a homeschool family’s journey.  It’s a novel-about homeschooling.  I think that’s a first….

Well, it may be fiction but if you’re a homeschool mom you’re going to see glimpses of yourself between the pages.  The book is honest, detailing the struggles of homeschooling, the difficulties of creating schedules (and sticking to them), and the doubts homeschooling moms face.  But it’s also filled with humorous accounts of raising kids, teaching them and learning from our mistakes.

It was a much-needed pick-me-up at the beginning of our school year.  And despite the humor and sarcasm, the author presents a case for simplifying your routine, making your expectations realistic, enjoying your children, and focusing on what’s most important-their hearts. 

This book was a nice change from fact- and statistic-filled homeschool help books.  It’s like stepping into the home of another homeschooler and watching the triumphs and failures and being able to laugh alongside her and learn with her.  

I’m keeping this one on my shelf to read whenever I need a lighthearted reminder and some homeschool encouragement.

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