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I love looking at homeschool rooms-especially the ones pinned on Pinterest.  I dream of having a perfectly matching, brightly colored, amazingly decorated, functional, and inspiring space that stays as clean as those pictures look.

Alas, that is not reality.  Our homeschool room is not quite what I would have envisioned; however, it will be perfect for our year and it’s a pretty inviting room.

One day I will have a Pinterest worthy homeschool room, until then we’ll enjoy our mismatched furniture, our stained art table, and our boxes, books, and notebooks everywhere.

Our room is not quite finished-after all, we’ve only been in our house about 3 weeks, but it’s well on its way and I’m guessing it’s about as good as it will get.  So here’s our rent house homeschool room!

And there’s a globe!  Yes, I got my globe this year.  Somehow I feel very official with a globe on our cabinet.  That was the new thing I was most excited about………I must really be a homeschool mom now.

And what you can’t see in the pictures is the inside of that cabinet which is huge!  It is full of books, puzzles, games, and some of my teaching supplies and art supplies.  That’s my very favorite part about the room!  Or maybe I love the bright windows.  Either way, we are loving our loft room!

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  1. You homeschool room is warm and inviting. Like you, my schoolroom is not finished and I wish it would stay some what clean (right now there's black rice scattered everywhere-my husband thought we had a sudden infestation of mice-"no honey, that's just from our space sensory bin, lol). But it does make me strangely happy seeing the paint stains on the table and carpet, knowing they're the result of happily creating kids. I'm doubly glad that it's in the basement and I don't have to see those stains all the time! Best wishes for your upcoming school year!

    Ps congrats on the globe….can't wait til I get one!

  2. Thanks! It wasn't quite what I was planning but it will be great for now. We often have dry pinto beans all over our floor which makes me a little crazy. But the room is great and we have so much fun doing school, reading, and having art time in there. We are really enjoying it! I'm glad ours is upstairs and out of the way so everyone doesn't see our mess. And yes, I love my globe. I had wanted one for a while. Next up I want some big bookshelves……..maybe next year.

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