Review Crew: Vocabulary Spelling City

We’ve had fun with many online reviews this summer.  It’s been a great way to beat the heat!
We were excited to try a membership to Vocabulary Spelling City after using the free version of the site in the past.  We’ll do anything to make spelling more exciting!

What is it?
Vocabulary Spelling City is an online website of games, spelling tests, and vocabulary tests to enhance a student’s spelling and vocabulary skills.
Spelling or vocabulary words can be typed into a list (shown below) and then the student can choose to take a test, play a game, or have the program go through each word in the list as a way to teach them.


What’s included?
A paid membership to Vocabulary Spelling City can be purchased for a family of up to 5 students for $29.99 a year.  The program is geared for students of any learning level.

The premium membership allows the parent to save multiple spelling lists, create assignments, create tests, track progress, and view student records online.

Vocabulary Spelling City offers:

There is more to Vocabulary Spelling City than just spelling words and vocabulary practice.  The site also contains language arts lessons in video format for topics such as antonyms and parts of speech.  There are also numerous articles about teaching spelling, vocabulary, and language arts.

How did we use this product?
I created spelling lists for Curly based on our weekly spelling words.  Each week, I let her take the spelling test multiple times as well as play games related to the spelling words.  Curly enjoyed the word searches based on her spelling words and the Word-O-Rama game in which a definition is given and you must choose the correct word to match.

I have to admit that I didn’t use many of the assignment and gradebook features.  The program allows the parent to input assignments and track student progress through the gradebook.  I didn’t take the time to create assignments and review Curly’s progress.  I was always close by as she worked on the program so I had her bring progress reports to me herself.  I felt that these aspects of the program would be most helpful to a parent with multiple children using the program or for a teacher tracking the progress of many students.

What didn’t we like?
This site allows you to type in your own word lists or use a word list grouped by a topical category or grade level.  The first grade word list is alphabetized and each section contains quite a few words.  I found the sections to have too many words to use for efficient practice and since the words were not based on phonics but rather on site words, the lists were not overly useful to us.  Therefore, we stuck to our own spelling lists that I created.

What did we like?
Curly found the games to be fun and provided lots of practice with her spelling words without feeling repetitious.  The spelling tests moved at the pace she set, and a word could be repeated as many times as she needed.  The words are clearly said by a real person and not a computerized voice so Curly was almost always able to understand the word used.  The program would also use the word in a sentence to help further clarify.

What was our overall opinion?
While I didn’t utilize many of the teacher functions of the website, Curly greatly enjoyed the spelling tests, vocabulary tests, and games offered through the program.  The site provided another way to reinforce spelling and Curly never had any complaints about practicing her words on the computer.  In addition, I found her retention of spelling words improved and she was more confident in our daily spelling time together.  I feel Vocabulary Spelling City is a helpful tool for Curly as we continue to work on spelling skills and spelling rules.

How did other crew members enjoy Vocabulary Spelling City?  Find out here!

Disclaimer:  I received a free membership to this site in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

2 thoughts on “Review Crew: Vocabulary Spelling City

  1. Lexi~I too stick to my own lists because I teach 2nd grade and we still focus a ton on phonics and spelling patterns. I have been using the vocabulary lists with my kiddos that need more of a challenge. We will be using the Matter list during our study of solids, liquids, and gases.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I appreciate your honest opinion:) Monica

  2. You're welcome! Curly has enjoyed the extra practice of the program but we stick to our lists and I know we don't utilize all the features offered. We keep it simple around here! If she were older and more independent the other features would be more helpful.

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