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Photobucket Thomas Jefferson Education was another new vendor to me.  What is it all about?  This company is based on the philosophy by which some of America’s greatest figures were educated.  Thomas Jefferson Education seeks to give kids a love-affair with learning so that they will continue to study and seek knowledge throughout their lives.  The curriculum is based on mentors, the classics, and proven principles to aid each individual student in developing a passion for learning.

We received a subscription to This Week in History.  This resource is a daily unit study that provides information on major events and people by focusing on happenings from each day in history.  At the start of each week, the new material is provided to coincide with historical events which occurred on each day.

Want to see a sample week?  Go here.

What’s included?
This Week in History is a subscription service.  For $9.99 per month, you can have access to the daily unit studies.  The unit study information is also sent out via email at the beginning of each new week.
The unit studies are based on historical information from each day in history.  Other subjects included in the studies are math, science, language skills, geography, current events, and the arts.  

How did we use this resource?
Each week I received our weekly email that detailed events for each day of the week.  I read through each event and chose which daily events we were going to cover and discuss.  Occasionally, I would choose to leave out an event that I thought might be too advanced to discuss with my children.

What didn’t we like?
If you’re like me and you like continuity, the randomness of topics based around daily events can make you feel a little disorganized.  I have a hard time hopping from topic to topic and taking off down multiple rabbit trails, only to do the same thing again the next day.  My brain doesn’t seem wired to be unit-study friendly.

With our focus on learning to read and beginning basic math, extras are hard to fit in around our house.  Some days I felt like I could not schedule the appropriate time for an extra resource that wasn’t part of our main studies.

What did we like?
I don’t plan unit studies well.  I get bogged down searching for appropriate resources and then keeping my ideas organized.  This is simple daily unit study that is done for you.  The daily information comes complete with pictures, website links, coloring page links, video links, and suggestions for activities or for additional research.

This Week in History requires no advance planning.  Everything you need is contained within the emails or the website and you just click the links and start exploring.

While I don’t enjoy curriculum that lacks continuity, my kids enjoyed the new topics and fresh ideas each day.  Every day was different and took us in new directions and covered different subjects.

And can I admit that I absolutely loved reading through the emails and learning historical details and facts for myself?  It was like having a wonderful, interesting, detailed historical fact for each day of my week. 

What did we think?
I don’t really care for unit studies unless someone else does the prep work.  So, this was the perfect type of unit study for our house.  The daily information is so flexible and customizable.  You can take off down rabbit trails through the provided links or you can read through the information from the day and move on.

This is the perfect start to the morning school day-introducing a historical fact from that day in history.

What I think I enjoy most is that the daily information is not overwhelming.  I always felt I had to do every aspect of a unit study and follow every possible rabbit trail.  I can never pick a unit study stopping point!  But with This Day in History, I can read through my email, choose my links, and we can spend as little or as much time on exploring the information as we want.  These are mini-unit studies that actually get done at my house.

 So, I love receiving the emails with the daily historical info, reading it myself, and then sharing parts of it with my children.  I love the simplicity and the ease of use.  A doable unit study in my inbox?  Yes please!

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Disclaimer:  I received a subscription at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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