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Math Made Easy makes a curriculum package for both addition and subtraction.  Each comb-bound book comes with lesson plans, pre-test, six weeks of daily activity sheets, post test, games, and flash cards.


So, what’s included?
We received the addition package for Curly.  I received the comb-bound book which is complete with lesson plans, games, and flash cards.  The games are copied onto cardstock for durability after they are cut out from the book.  The flash cards are also on cardstock and are perforated for easy removal.

What’s the price?
The homeschool packages can be purchased for $24.95 each.

How did we use the product?
I had Curly take the pre-test and then we jumped right into the lessons for week 1.  Each week there is a group of flashcard facts to review.  A daily worksheet is included for the student to practice the facts they are learning.

Every day we reviewed the flash cards for that week and for previous weeks.  Then Curly would complete her daily worksheet.  Once her page was done, we would spend a few minutes on one of the games.

What didn’t we like?
This program is the flash card method of addition fact learning with worksheets and games added for reinforcement.  No matter how many times I’ve tried flashcards with Curly, the facts do not stick in her head.  This program didn’t yield an improvement in her speed with the flash cards. 

The facts are introduced in a random order rather than by fact families.  The program states that they are in a random order to force the child to rely on memory rather than counting on fingers.  However, Curly ended up counting the facts on her fingers and could not seem to remember the answers quickly no matter how many times we repeated the flash cards.  Curly really needs to see the facts and understand the relationships between fact families before she can just spit out answers at me.  I’m guessing that this program does not cater to her math learning style.

The worksheets are repetitious with the same style of worksheet every Monday, every Tuesday, every Wednesday, every Thursday, and every Friday.  Curly needed a little more variety in her weekly worksheets.

What did we like?
The program is simple-simple to use, simple to begin, and simple to implement the methodology.  Once you read the short introduction, you can begin with the program.

The student is supposed to learn 6 facts per week which is a very doable amount.  In addition, the worksheets are short and with only a few problems per page.  The amount was not overwhelming.

What was our overall opinion?
I think I’m on the fence about this one.  It’s easy to use and simple to get started.  The amount of work per day is very doable.  But the program felt like flashcards then simple worksheets and not much else.  I haven’t seen much of an improvement in Curly’s math facts and her speed has definitely not improved.  I think Curly must use manipulatives to really understand and apply math.

This program caters to a student who enjoys worksheets and does well with the repetition of flash cards.  It would work well alongside a regular math program for a student who needs more math fact practice or who needs to improve on speed drills.

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Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this product at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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  1. That's a little disappointing to hear. I'd hoped to review that one as well but we were away so no way to get it by mail. After reading your review I don't think it would have been a good fit for us either, so it's probably just as well. 🙂

  2. It wasn't our favorite review that we've had. I guess I had higher expectations. I can see how the program would work for a child who enjoyed flashcards and worksheets but those methods were just not working here. I prefer something more visual/conceptual for teaching math.

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