Review Crew: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

We used an Apologia Press science book last year and the kids loved it!  We can’t wait to begin our new science book for this year.  When I saw that the crew was reviewing another product from Apologia Press I was so excited to be included!


What is it?
I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist is a book written by Norman L. Geisler (a seminary president who holds a PhD in philosophy) and Frank Turek (who holds a doctorate in ministry).  The book presents the argument that Christianity is both reasonable and rational.  In the book, the authors walk through arguments to support the existence of a Supreme Creator God as well as examine the reliability of the New Testament and the claims of Jesus Christ.  The book is written to skeptics who are critical of Christianity or to Christians who are looking to strengthen their own faith or to learn how to best defend their beliefs to others.

A sample can be found here.  The book is sold through Apologia Press for $16.00.

The Table of Contents is listed below:

What’s included?
In addition to receiving the paperback book, I also received the I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist Curriculum Workbook.  This guide is geared more toward highschool students or even adults as they read through the book.  The workbook is available for purchase on the Apologia site for $33.00.

The workbook contains supplemental material (biographies, explanations), study questions, and activities to complement the material in the book and aid the reader in understanding and remembering the information presented.

See a sample chapter here.

Each chapter of the workbook is organized into several sections:
Before Starting This Chapter-This section lists the page numbers to be read in the book before beginning that section of the workbook.
Key Topics-This section provides a general overview of the material presented in the book.
Key Terms-This lists the vocabulary words from the book with a space to record the definition.
Road Map-The book is based on an outline of 12 points that prove Christianity is true.  This section of the workbook highlights which of those truths are covered in the chapter.

How did I use this resource?
I began by reading through each chapter once before using the workbook.  After reading through the chapter the first time, I read through the workbook section which corresponded to that chapter.  Then I usually had to re-read the chapter to make sure I had understood all the key points.  At that point, I was ready to begin filling in information in my workbook.  Each chapter took me several weeks to read several times and to complete the workbook pages.  This was some deep information for my poor “mom brain” which only regularly reads picture books or Dr. Seuss stories.  I had to move very slowly through the book!

What didn’t I like?
There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about the resource.  The book, although it contained philosophy and theology, was written in an understandable and accessible way.
I guess my only complaint is that the book is over 400 pages long with the appendices, so it was a little scary to open it up and begin.

What did I like? 
I loved how I was able to understand the arguments and the philosophies presented in the book.  The authors take someone who is not an expert and walk them through logical steps to form a solid argument.  I guess I loved that I got it!  I came away from each chapter with my mind completely blown.  All the things I had learned from a child, were now coming together in such a logical way as to defend my faith.

The extra information in the workbook as well as the summaries and key points were beyond helpful as I worked to take apart each chapter.  The workbook was a helpful guide for each chapter of the book.

What did I think overall?
While the size of the book was initially overwhelming and it sometimes took reading a paragraph multiple times for me to begin to understand the concepts, this book is an amazing resource for strengthening your faith and equipping you to defend your beliefs.  I found the book to be so enlightening and enriching.  While I’ve never taken a philosophy course or even studied formal logic, I was able to follow the arguments presented in the book because they are presented in such a clear manner.  I came away from each chapter with so much new information.

But I loved the workbook that accompanies the book.  I felt that the information contained in the workbook helped me better understand each chapter.  The questions in the workbook also helped me pull out all the important points from each section.  One of my favorite parts of the workbook was the short biographical sketches of important people mentioned in the book (C.S. Lewis, Charles Darwin, Muhammad, etc).  Through reading the questions in the workbook and writing out each argument in my own words, or completing the definition of important terms, or looking up the Biblical passages given to support an argument, I felt my understanding was enhanced.  I felt the workbook was invaluable to me as I worked slowly through each chapter.  It helped me focus my study and kept me from feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information presented in the book.

I highly recommend pairing the book with the workbook in order to receive the full benefit and understanding of the information presented in the book.

I cannot wait until the kids are old enough to go through the study as well!

See what the other crew members had to say about this product here.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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