Summer Staycation: Living Room Campout

We’re not taking any major vacations this year since we just moved.  We’re hanging out in an apartment for a few months while we search for a house.  So while we’ve had lots of fun exploring our new city, we’ve also had to be creative with activities for apartment life.  So, we had a little mini-retreat this past week and the kids enjoyed a living room camp out.

We made s’mores!

We had a movie night!

And the kids slept in their living room tent!

This is the only kind of camping that you will ever find me doing-it comes with A/C, a private bathroom and shower, and a kitchen with a fridge.  There are no bugs, no dirt, no rain, no heat, and no stray animals.  The best part of our little staycation was that I could still sleep in my bed with my pillow.

While our camp out was fun, I would still prefer a camping trip more like this:

 That would be my adult version of a summer staycation. 

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4 thoughts on “Summer Staycation: Living Room Campout

  1. This is a great idea! Sounds like a really fun family night…not to mention a PERFECT reason to make and eat s'mores! I'm thinking a living room camping night is definitely in our future.

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