As I was brushing my teeth, Bee came in to the bathroom to chat.  This was our short conversation:

Mom, I am NOT a cookbook.


I am an airplane!

“Sounds great Bee!”

And then off she went to go play.

Prince Charming often takes the 3 big kids to the pool after dinner while Ladybug helps me clean up (ha ha) and takes her bath.  He and Curly had a fun conversation on their way home:

Dad, what’s something you wish we could do that we can’t do?

“The dishes!”

No, no Dad!  I mean like being able to jump into a book or something like that!

“Ohh, then I would say fly.  I wish we could fly.”

You know what I wish?  I wish I could be a fairy and turn other people into fairies.  And I wish I could shape the clouds.

I love how her little mind thinks!

Last week at church, Prince Charming took Bee to the bathroom when she had a potty emergency.  She was sitting on the potty in her fluffy blue dress talking to him while he waited patiently.  He asked Bee if she needed to go pee-pee or poop and she confirmed that it was number 2.  Then she blurted out, “And Dad, it’s going to stink in here!”  

Tiger loves to pretend that he’s golfing in the house.  He uses his swords as golf clubs and sets up buckets around the room for his holes.  As he was golfing he told me, “I am pretending that I’m an adolescent and that I’m going golfing.”
So he does listen to our vocabulary lessons!

The other morning the kids were playing pet shop and they had set up their store in the living room.  Curly and Bee were the owners and had many stuffed animals for sale.  They were also selling one pet pig (Tiger) who they had named Carl.  Ladybug and I visited their store to purchase a pet for Daddy.  We decided to buy the pig, Carl.  As I was “paying” for him, I asked him if he had a leash or if he needed any pig food.  He replied, “I mostly just eat sausage…………..but not from me!  I don’t eat myself.”

You never know what they’re thinking!

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