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I love finding new companies through reviewing products through the Crew!  Super Duper Publications has lots of resources in all subject areas as well as educational toys and games.  Many of their products are designed to work with children who have various learning disabilities.


We received the Webber Hear Builder Following Directions Software.  This software is designed to help children improve their auditory processing through following directions in order to complete tasks in a game format.

In this game, the children are toy makers who are working to become a master toy maker once all their tasks are complete.  The children enter the factory in which there are 5 doors.  Behind each door is a different activity which focuses on a specific skill.  The activity rooms are:

Tool Room – Basic Directions
Toy Machine – Sequential Directions
Inspection – Quantitative and Spatial Directions
Packing – Temporal Directions
Shipping – Conditional Directions

Multiple users can be created in the program.  Each user can have a different difficulty setting according to the needs of the child.

This software product is designed for children in grades Kindergarten through 3rd or for older children who have auditory processing disorders and would benefit from added reinforcement in learning to follow directions.  The software retails for $69.95.  Demos of the games can be found here.

What’s included:
We received the CD-Rom disk and instruction booklet.  This program is compatible with multiple operating systems as outlined here.  The disk contains all the information and it is not necessary to install any software on your computer.


How we used the product:
We inserted the disk and the program began right away.  I added Bee, Tiger, and Curly as users and selected their appropriate learning levels.  They were able to begin playing immediately and worked on the activities independently.  We used this program as our computer time which is a reward in our house.  The kids asked to play toy maker every day.  Here are two screenshots of the game screens:


If you need to delete cookies or make any changes to your computer settings, you could possibly lose all the progress in each level.  This happened once when I had to reset some settings, and the kids were so sad that all their previous progress was lost.

The disk can be put into the computer and the program starts up without downloading any additional software.  The disk should also save progress from all previous lessons unless computer settings are changed.

The software has colorful graphics, fun sound effects, clear instructions, and simple games with the activities.  The end goal of completing each room in the factory in order to become a master toymaker is motivating.

The activities start out very simply so that even the youngest child can complete them without help.  The activities do progress in difficulty with multiple-step instructions that will challenge the older child.

My children all loved playing their toymaker game.  On the simplest setting, Bee and Tiger could play independently and slowly complete the activities in each room.  Curly was able to play on the regular setting and advance through the various levels.

I found the program beneficial in reinforcing their ability to focus on each task and follow the specific instructions.  With the fun graphics, sound effects, and activities, the kids were engaged without being overwhelmed with the pace of the program.  All of the kids were able to play the games independently.  I found the explanations of each activity and the pace of the program to be perfect for the recommended age range.

My kids enjoyed this program so much that I think we will need to invest in some other products from the company!  I just added some more things to my growing wish list!

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Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this product at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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