Review Crew: Christian Keyboarding Elementary

How it works:
Keyboarding for the Christian School is a program to teach children how to type correctlyLetters and symbols are introduced, as well as numbers using the number keypad.  The program also covers some simple formatting using Microsoft Word such as centering and creating numbered lists.

This program is designed to be used as a paper copy that is set next to the computer screen.  This teaches a student to transfer type from papers or books onto the screen.  Once enough letters have been learned, the program introduces Bible verses as some of the typing exercises throughout the lessons.

I received the eBook which was to be printed out and used alongside a Word document.  This book retails for $12.95.

Here are a few sample pages from the curriculum:

How we used the program:
Curly has had no previous keyboarding instruction.  So, we began with the first lesson and only did half of a lesson each day.  This helped Curly focus on each concept without getting tired.  Even though the lessons were short, they took Curly quite some time to complete in the beginning.  Once we completed four lessons, we would go back and review them with Curly completing them a second time.  By this time she was able to complete the entire lesson in one setting since her typing and speed had improved slightly.

The program is not interactive and does not contain many speed drills.  Curly definitely needed to repeat lessons to work on her speed.  If you are using this with a very young student, they may need more practice with the concepts than the book offers.

The student is able to work at his own pace using the book as a guide.  This can save much frustration for a student who is just beginning.

The student receives valuable practice transferring words from a written source to an online format.

The sentences and passages that a student types in the program are Biblical and worthwhile rather than silly made-up sentences.

We enjoyed using this program slowly, at our own pace.  Curly was beginning to build confidence and speed as she worked through the lessons more than once.

I liked that the program was not online and not filled with timed lessons that could have served to frustrate Curly as she begins to learn to type.  However, Curly needed more practice and review than the book offered and simply typing the same lessons more than 1 time was not always enjoyable.  She would have preferred different content.

I think we will use this program as we begin to learn the letters and numbers on the keyboard, working through lessons more than 1 time.  Once Curly has learned the letter and number placement, I will assign other Biblical passages or favorite poems for her to continue practicing her skills.

Coupon Code:
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Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this resource at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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