Ice Play

It is hot and miserable here right now.  When we’re not at the pool, the kids have been enjoying ice cubes on our patio!


 I froze fun erasers in ice cubes.
 The kids had fun breaking them apart to get their treasure.
 Ladybug enjoyed letting them melt all over her dress.
 I bought all colors of Kool Aid and made colored cubes.
 They smelled wonderful! (even if they stained hands)
 Tiger enjoyed sorting his.
 The girls made a party tray.
 I found plastic shot glasses which made perfect scoops for crushed ice.
 We also made ice boats.
Tape a straw to the bottom of a plastic cup and fill halfway full and freeze.
 Tiger had a naval battle in his bowl.
 The girls played bumper boats.
 We made frozen paint-sicles.  Dilute tempera paint with water and freeze.
 The big girl artist.
 Bee enjoyed being messy.
 Tiger loved mixing his colors.
 Bee’s finished art.
Our messy summer fun to beat the heat!

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