Day in the Life: July 23, 2012

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a “Day in the Life” post.  I was thinking this weekend that I should choose a day this week and write a new post.  For some reason, I chose a Monday and I sure picked a doozy of a day!  So, what has a day in our life been like lately???  Read on if you dare….

6:30 am – I share some breakfast coffee cake with the hubby before he leaves for work.
6:45 am – I decide to read and do devotions in bed.  It is just too tough to get up!
7:30 am – I check some emails and start to warm up coffee cake for the kids.
8:00 am – I get Ladybug out of bed and she follows me around the kitchen saying “Mama” 200 times.
8:15 am – I check on the other kids who are refusing to get out of bed.
8:20 am – I bribe them with talk of coffee cake on the table.
8:30 am – The kids eat their breakfast while I read Little Pilgrim’s Progress and Story of the World.
8:45 am – Bee is acting strangely and she wants to go back to her room.  I send her with the “throw up bowl” just to be safe.
9:00 am – Ladybug is fussy thanks to teething so we put her in her room to play with blocks.
9:05 am – I have to make calls to roofers and AC repairmen in regard to the house we are selling.
9:15 am – I come out of my room to find that Ladybug has dumped my breakfast on the carpet and spread coffee cake throughout the living room.
9:30 am – I finish clean up and check on Tiger and Curly who are playing in Ladybug’s room.
9:45 am – I realize that I can’t find Bee.  I finally find her curled up in bed and realize that she’s been throwing up in her room.
9:50 am – I grab Ladybug and close her in her room with the big kids while I begin clean up.
10:10 am – I get Bee some water and get her tucked in bed.
10:15 am – I check on the other kids and give them some books to entertain Ladybug.
10:30 am – I sit down to a bowl of cereal by myself.
10:45 am – The big kids come find me with Ladybug.  We spend some time reading together.
11:00 am – Prince Charming is out of morning meetings and has a chance to call us.  He plans to stop by on his lunch break to check on Bee and bring us some juice and crackers.
11:15 am – I remember I have to fix lunch for the big kids.
11:30 am – We eat lunch and Bee joins us at the table.  She eats 2 apple slices and then lies down again.
12:00 pm – The kids have some play time while I get to spend more time on the phone.
12:30 pm – The kids color while I put Ladybug down for a nap.
12:45 pm – Prince Charming calls me to tell me that his car won’t start.
1:00 pm – He calls back to tell me that he’s waiting for someone to help jump start his car.
1:15 pm – We have some school time with math and read alouds.
1:45 pm – Prince Charming has his car started and is on his way to an auto store for a new battery.  Since we’re new in town he can’t find the auto store.  I spend time mapping out all the closest stores to help.
2:00 pm – I let the kids watch a few things on Netflix while I sit down.
2:15 pm – Our realtor calls and I talk with her about the roofer and AC repair.
2:45 pm – Prince Charming calls to let me know he’s back at work.
3:00 pm – The kids are back in the living room looking for something to do.  My brain is out of ideas.
3:15 pm – I decide to let the kids work on reading lessons on the computer.
3:30 pm – I look at the clock and realize that I have to get dinner started!
4:00 pm – Dinner is in the oven and Daddy is on his way home.
4:05 pm – Time to grab Ladybug from her nap even though she’s been awake and playing in her bed for a while.
4:15 pm – Dad is home.  The house is a mess.  The kids are cranky.  It’s hot outside.
5:00 pm – We sit down to dinner.  Bee is still feeling sick so she only eats a few bites.  Ladybug finishes Bee’s dinner for her.
5:45 pm – I send everyone but Bee out to the patio for popsicles while I clean up.
6:15 pm – Everyone is put in the tub to wash off the stickiness.
6:45 pm – We have praise and worship on the couch together and Tiger falls asleep.
7:00 pm – We put Tiger in bed and the girls all play with Daddy.
7:30 pm – Ladybug is put in bed.
8:00 pm – The big girls head off to their room to do sticker books before bed.

My original plan for Monday had been read alouds and the swimming pool.  That will be for another day.  At least our day ended well!

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